Nile River, Egypt – We got a Cruise in Nile River from Aswan to Luxor during 4 days and 3 nights for 200 euros. The Cruise includes the pick up at airport or hotel, all the visits and entrance fees, official spanish speaking tour guide, transfer to airport or hotel. It is the best way to see and enjoy all the relevant and historical places along the Nile River.

Adrian W. from Spain Instagram : @camaleonidas

Cairo, Egypt – We got a full day tour visiting Cairo which includes Citadel of Saladino, Alabaster Mosque, Coptic Area, Khan Al-Khalili Market, Egyptian Museum. The tour was 60€ per person during 8 hours and included a spanish speaking guide, transportation, entrance fees and lunch.

Carlos T. from Spain Instagram : @ctorrejonperez

The Pyramids, Giza, Egypt – Go visit early in the morning to avoid crowds and get the best pictures and in order to understand/enjoy all the magic happened here. We paid 200EGP for a camel ride next to the pyramids, deal to get this/better price!

Adrian E. from Spain Instagram : @flywithflow
Langkawi, Malaysia – «Perfect place to have a rest, this part of the beach in Pentai Tengah is quieter than Pentai Cenang, and no far away by cab. There is not so much activities on the beach like in Cenang but the place is very peaceful and relaxing. We stayed 4 nights in the hotel «Holiday villa beach Resort and Spa» and it’s was a real paradise. Staff is very pleasant, and the accomadation is very good, front of the beach, with restaurant and pool in the resort. To get the best view of your day, take an access to the private / VIP pool (25MYR with towel and  one drink) for some fantastic hour in front of the sunset. The restaurant «Cactus» in front of the hotel is aslo very good. And to enjoy the rest of your night the best places are located in Pentai Cenang to have party.»
Marion H. from France Instagram : @mariiionnettte

Penang, Malaysia – «Street art, lush food, fun nightlife… but this island has even more to offer! Get a boat or get by trecking (about one hour) to Monkey Beach and enjoy this peaceful and stunning beach! I highly recommend to camp for a night on this beach. Go for a swim at night time to see the plankton and the beautiful sky full of stars»

Lydia P. from Spain Instagram : @lydia3792

Taman Negara Jungle, Malaysia – “ By far was the best experience in this fantastic country. The trekking during 2 days, sleeping 1 night in the middle of the jungle is a mix between a the real adventure , to be into the wild and outdoors sport . the total distance is around 12k , walking 6k per day between a incredible landscape and wildlife. Sleep and dinner in a cave listening thousand of noises from the night wildlife was hilarious. you only need a good shoes or boots , a large socks or long trousers , and another normal clothes. you need get a guide ,the price is arround 35-40 euros, included food and water for all days. you will do with a group of people , in my case was a group of 7. To go to the heart of Taman Negara Jungle you need arrive until Jerantut, (many bus options from Kuala Lumpur and other places). From Jerantut you have to go until Kuaka Tahan , you have two options , by bus or by boat , I choose for sure by boat … when you arrive Jerantut bus station many people going to offer you the boat option with different prices , just choose the cheapest and go!!! in Kuala Tahan you going to find many companies for do the trekking and many acomodation options. Remember that Taman Negara Jungle is 130.000.000 years old yassssssss!»

Sergio M. from Spain Instagram : @sergio.mnc

Penang Island, Malaysia – «Lazy Boys Camp is a must for any music lover. Located at Monkey Beach, this place is perfect to chill surrounded by beautiful nature, good vibes and a lot of music instruments where anyone can join»

Diego P. from Argentina Instagram : @diego_perez_fabbio

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – «In the evenings head to Jalan Alor food street in Kuala Lumpur for a taste of Malaysian cuisine! Cheap (around £1 for an evening meal) and authentic food, with even vegetarian options available!»

Lydia S. from England Instagram : @lydstrendall

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – «There are two main night life attraction in Kuala Lumpur. The first would be at Chankat street, there you will find a street full of bars /clubs, where I would recommend going to «Why Not» the music is good and the crowd are always friendly and from all over the world. Also «VIP Club» on the same street , if your looking to spice things up with some African flavor and opens untill 6.30am. The second nightlife area is Trec street, from fine dining and wine to partying all night long, for example at «The China Bar» as well as «Redroom» a place to party your ass off with friends or even as a solo travellers»

Sully A. from Malaysia Instagram : @sully_montana

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – «If you get the opportunity, don’t be afraid to hang out with some locals in Malaysia. These very social people are proud of their country and love to show you around! They will give you the secrets of their city.. .if it feels right, go for it!»

Maxime T. from Netherlands Instagram : @maximeth

Langkawi, Malaysia – «Visit the mangroves of Killim Geopark by boat for a price of 50 ringgit, and enjoy a nice sunset in Cenang Beach. Or climb up to watch the sunset on the highest mountain in Langkawi, Gunung Raya and see the majestic Hornbill brid flying through the jungle»

Manu C. from Spain Instagram : @coronado.manu

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia – «If you want to escape some of heat of Malaysia, visit the Cameron Highlands. Because the area is much higher than the rest of Malaysia, is much cooler there (20-25 C). Take a tour to the amazing teafields and after drink a cup of tea with a beautiful view.»

Roelie B. from Netherlands Instagram : @roelie_brouwerx

Langkawi, Malaysia – «To explore Langkawi Island rent a car around the Pantai Cenang Street for 24hours for 80MYR (16€). Get cold drinks and snacks for the journey. Also bring cash, sandals, towel, sun protection and swim wear!»

Oli C. from Spain Instagram : @_olicp_

Melaka, Malaysia – «Try to visit the Menara Tower which has panoramic views of all the city and turns around while going up! Also the beautiful Straits Mosque located next to the sea! And we have rented a bike of 3 people, recommended if you wanna have fun and challenge yourself!»



Carlos T. from Spain Instagram : @ctorrejonperez

Malaysia – «Say «Terima Kahsi» which means «Thank you», the best word in world!»

Ruben R. from Spain Instagram : @rubenrucaru

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – «Visit the Heliport Rooftop Bar during sunset to get the best viewws of the city and of Petronas Tower. There is Happy Hour (from 5pm to 9 pm) when a bucket of 5 beers is 90MYR.» (1MYR is 0.20 euros)

Adrian Est. from Spain Instagram : @flywithflow

Tel Aviv, Israel – «Enjoy Tel Aviv nightlife with the happy hours during the week as almost every bar offers happy hour on the food and drinks (usually between 6.00pm to 9.00pm)
its a lovely way to blend with local israeli’s and to meet local bars in Tel Aviv!»

Tal G. from Israel Instagram : @talush_gonen

Pai, Thailand – «The area of Pai is the perfect place to be for travelers who want to see the beautiful landscape of Thailand and just want to enjoy the moment. Just rent a scooter in Chiang Mai and start an unforgetabel trip to Pai. 762 curves, canyons, waterfalls, caves, cheap acommodation, and awesome people are waiting for you».

Felix K. from Germany Instagram : @felixkec

Angkor Temples, Cambodia – «The best time to visit Angkor Wat is around 12.30pm because is the time when the hundreds of Chinese tourists are going to have lunch, so the temples will be kind of more empty which makes even better the experience».

Cesar A. from Spain Instagram : @nomadadigital

Bangkok, Thailand – «Discover the plane graveyard of Bangkok which is located in Ramkhamhaeng Road Soi 101. In this place you will feel plunged into a post apocalyptic world and you can even climb into the planes where is still the cockpit engines, life vests, oxygen masks.. but watch out! The planes are so old that you can fall into hidden wholes and really hurt yourself. I went there by boat until a pier which I think is called Wat Sri Bunruang Pier. Some families live on the filed. You will probably have to bribe them if you want them to let you in. No more than 5euros per person though, which is already a high farang price».

Angèle P. from France

San Juan, Puerto Rico – «In January, there is a island party called «Las Calles San Sebastian», the biggest party in the island, a weekend in which Old San Juan is filled with more than 1,000 people celebrating the closure of Christmas with music, food, live Salsa performances, and lots of rum».

Victor D. from Puerto Rico Instagram : @victor_ad

Chiang Mai, Thailand – «Escape the bustling city of Bangkok by heading north to Chiang Mai. There are cheap flights or an overnight train to get there. Rent a scooter and drive around the old walled in city. Eat some traditional cuisine, walk pebble streets, and check out the beautiful temples. Be sure to go to an elephant sanctuary such as patyra to feed, bath, and bareback ride the elephants. If you are feeling adventurous take a 30 minute ride out of the city to jump off the cliffs of the Grand Canyon of Thailand».

Janel Z. from United States Instagram : @janelzelli

New York City, United States – «Shopping in Chinatown and lunch some real asiatic food at Resturant Mott 100, then cross the Brooklyn bridge by walking, get couple of drinks & snacks and enjoy the sunset looking at the skyline of Manhattan».

Adrian G. from Spain Instagram : @camaleonidas

Amsterdam, Netherlands – «Have lunch in the public library, which is near the train station. The prices are great as public place and the food is varied. Located in the rooftop, you can lunch while enjoying the view of the canals».

Tamara L. from Spain Instagram : @tamara_satnam

Bangkok, Thailand – «The cheapest way to get Khao San Road from the Suvarnabhumi Airport is by a shared van with a price per person of 100 bahts (around 2.60 euros). The time from airport to Khao San Road is around 45 minutes and you can get these tickets in the ground floor next to the gate number 8»

Adrian Est. from New York Instagram : @flywithflow

New York, United States – «Get NewYork subway until Queensboro Plaza, then walk around interesting spots as the Pepsi sign, the rooftop of Z NYC Hotel, the Rockaway Brewing Company and MoMA PS1».

Carlos T. from Spain Instagram : @ctorrejonperez

Puerto Rico, United States – Flight tickets for a little airplane from Puerto Rico to the wonderful island of Vieques is around 60$. Book your tickets around a weekd in advance should be fine. Then fly over the Caribe!

Sergio R. from Spain Instagram : @s.riq

Jerusalem, Israel – «Make sure to check the schedules of the sacred place for muslims, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, as it is only open for public on Wednesday and Sunday».

Ruben R. from Spain Instagram @rubenrucaru