This day we did again jet ski and then get the bus back to Cairo.


10.00am – Breakfast at the hotel

Maybe it doesnt look good…but it is one of best omelette breakfast I have ever had! Yummy!

Morning views from the room terrace.

And…yes! We decided to do jet ski again! As we liked it so much! (and it was super cheap, like 15 euros 20 minutes)

But…this time the sea was bit crazy, we drive the jet ski a bit far, and then was super difficult to come back…

I drank so much Red Sea Water, and it was bit cold…difficult experience but always worth it! 🙂

Thankfully one of the guys gave us somw warm in his hut.


1.00pm – Bus back to Cairo 

Charlie, thinking about….life?

Charlie, thinking about…a new house?


3.00pm – Arrival to Cairo

With such an amzing window views.


3.30pm – Check in at Dahab Hostel

«Accomodation» in Dahab Hostel for a total price of 48 euros for 2 nights and 2 people. (which means around 12 euros per person per night)


7.30pm – Beers in Cairo

It is not easy to find a bar selling bar. The normal way is in official alcohol shops to take away or big hotels to drink there.

But we find a bar well located in city centre called Stella Bar.

After we had a walk to enjoy Cairo night,


10.00pm – With the Teacher, exploring deep Cairo

Here is coming a good story. We randomly met a guy who was a math teacher in university.

Finally, dont know how, we went with him and explored some spots and areas.

And…yes, we discovered with him some places that we would have never gone…

As a very old (and good and cheap) bakery!

And a night fruit market! 

And one of best shawarma of Cairo! the price was 20EGP, so 1 euro each!

And a special drink which makes you healthier! (it has cinnamon, ginger, spicy, sugar, lemon, and more)


And we were a bit brave! Because our dear teacher bring us to a very dark and non touristic area…

Where we were bit scare! But finally all the people was good and it was a very inmersive and unique experience!

(luckily now we are not part of the shawarme menu…)

I did screenshot of the area. Actually it was very cool to discover this narrow and dark streets and live the real Cairo! 🙂

Wabour Al Togoman it was one of the streets. Look at the shape of the streets!