This day we randomly explored Cairo, also record some scenes for a (still unveiled) project, some shopping and some fun!     


10.00am – Wake up at hostel

«Accomodation» in Bella Luna Hotel for a total price of 90 euros for 2 nights and 3 people. (which means around 15 euros per person per night)


11.00am – Exploring Cairo

We have a walking route to further discover Cairo and its daily life.

Any place is good to sell varied things!

When traveling I love to see people, and how they live their own lifes…


2.00pm – Egyptian Museum in El Cairo.

We came back to the Egyptian Museum in El Cairo. 

The goal was to record some scenes for a proyect…

After recording we randomly walked the city center.

And when you walk randomly is when random things are happening!

By chance we got to the Greek Campus, there was lot of people and speeches.

Here, our bro Charlie had to make an important mission.       

And this mission was a personal mission! Charlie, we are with you! 😉


6.00pm – Shopping

We went to check some items around the city centre…I would buy everything!

The prices of the items.

I have to say that 2 of these babies are now in my room 🙂


11.00pm – Whittankamon

Yes! Here it is…Whittankamon!

We had so much fun with this…so much much much!