During the previous day we managed the visit to Wadi Rum. Everyone in the city of Wadi Musa will have an offer for you including transportation, a jeep to get into the desert, lunch…

We paid a total of 80 JD (around 105 euros for 3 people, which is around 35 euros per person) for:

  • Taxi from the city of Wadi Musa to the border of the desert of Wadi Rum
  • Two hours of a jeep route through some important spots
  • Lunch and tickets of Wadi Rum (which is 5 JD per person)
  • Taxi from Wadi Rum to the Jordan/Israel border.

«Advice» Check carefully all the offers and be sure the route of the jeep is passing through all the important spots inside the area of Wadi Rum, and not only through the surrounding area.


6.00am – Early wake up to go Wadi Rum


7.30am – Arrival to the area of Wadi Rum

The first time we see this place, we couldnt believe the beautiness!


8.00am – Tour in Jeep in Wadi Rum

This place a special sand which has red colors and it seems to be in Mars.

This the the style of jeep you need for Wadi Rum. Here, our super jeep driver is taking us a picture.

The views from this little hill were amazing!


Some Nabatean inscriptions.

A wooden camel from Marrakech have traveled until Jordan!

I love to get places and bring them with me.


This is the carved face of Lawrence of Arabia.

Train tracks in the middle of nothing/everything.


12.00pm – The border of Jordan/Israel.

We passed the border by walking with any complication. Some questions when entering to Israel and a border control security.


12.20am to 12.30pm – Taxi from Israel border to Eilat.

Price around 50 shekels.

«Advice» When crossing to Jordan we kept some shekels as we know we are going to get back to Israel. It is better to don´t do so many withdraws as normally you will get commission each time you withdraw.


1.00pm – Eilat

We arrived to the bus stations and we couldn’t get the tickets for the soonest bus to Jerusalem as was totally full. So we got the tickets for the next bus, at 5pm. So we decided to explore Eilat and have lunch.


1.30pm – Lunch at Crema.

We have founded a super good place where everything has a price of 5 shekels. (around 1.2 euros). You may find some pasta, salads, sandwiches, bakery and much more.

Then we were walking from bus station to the beach and Red Sea.


2.30pm – The Red Sea

We had some free time until our 4pm bus, so we headed up to the Red Sea to chill out and have a drink.


5.00pm to 9.00pm – Bus from Eilat to Jerusalem

The night comes during the way so we take advantage to enjoy the wifi of the bus and sleep a little bit.

It is normal to find military everywhere in Israel including buses as the military service is compulsory for men and women.


9.30pm – Arrival to Abraham Hostel Jerusalem.

«Accomodation»  in Abraham Hostel Jerusalem (3 nights) with a total price of 890 shekels (around 220 euros for 3 people, which is 24 euros per person per night)

Nice sharing room with a bar and hammocks. Also a pool, table football and a TV room.

Some info (in Spanish).


11.00pm – Nightlife

There are plenty of bars in the area next to Yafo St, Yosef Rivlin St, Ha-Soreg St and Shim’on Ben Shatakh St, which is 10 minutes walking from the hostel.