A friend from a friend has a familiar living in Jerusalem and is a Franciscan monk, so we meet with him and we visited some places. Such a pleasure to have a guide like this and listen/learn from him.

Wall between Israel and Palestine.


12.00pm – Bethelem

We were lucky as we came to Bethelem with the nice Franciscan monk and his car. There is a big wall between Israel and Palestine, and we passed easily the control thanks to the monk.

And this is the city of Bethelem!


12.15 pm – The Nativity Church.

This is the birth place of JesusChrist.

You have to lay down for the entrance, The door was reduced so the horses werent abel to enter in case of any war.

The church is under construction and we were able to appreciate some mosaics.

And yes, this church and this city are part of Palestine.

Some pictures inside The Nativity Church.

This stars on the floor, marks the concrete place of the birth of JesusChrist.

And this is the concrete place of where JesusChrist is laying down in the Nativity Scene.

Inside The Nativity Church.

Outside of The Nativity Church.

The Nativity Scene of Bethelem, just right here in Bethelem!

The city of Bethelem.


1.00pm – Lunch at Afteem Restaurant.         

I can’t find the place in Google maps but I am sure you can find it by asking locals.

We enjoyed traditional hummus, motabal and kebab.

Products Made in Palestine.


2.30pm – Back to Jerusalem

We came back by car from Bethelem to Jerusalem which is around 20 minutes.

And something amazing, a rainbow between Israel and Palestine.

In Jerusalem, we visited some relevant places related with Christians and JesusChrist, going by car from place to place, but it is also possible to do it by walking.


The Chapel of the Ascension.


Mount of Olives.


Pater Noster Church.

The view from this area shows you a old jewish cemetery and the Dome of the Rock on top of Jerusalem.


Tomb of the Virgin Mary.


4.30pm – Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The holiest church in the world for Christianity.

Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The Golgotha, traditionally regarded as the site of JesusChrist’ crucifixion.

Atop the Golgotha people touch the rock and pray, where JesusChrist was crucifixed.

The tomb of JesusChrist.

Outside the church you may find the stops of the Via Crucis, here is the 7th one.

While getting out the old city of Jerusalem we found some candies and smiles.

The night arrives and we left the old city by the Damascus Gate.


9.00pm – Dinner at Focaccia Bar.

We enjoyed two pizzas and a Cesar salad. (around 10/15 euros per person in total)

«Advice» There is a good area with bars and restaurants for dinner which are open during sabbat around the Hillel St. and Angelo Levi Bianchini St.