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This is the story about a night with Tal in Tel Aviv by TLVNights. www.tlvnights.com 

Hey! Say hi to Tal!

Tal will escort you to all this cool places:

  1. Billie Jean
  2. Sputnik
  3. Block


It is already night in Tel Aviv, cars chasing by, groups of young people, clearly headed to party, roam the streets. The air is full of energy and creativity and I can sense that what they told me about the city is true.

I am in Tel Aviv, Israel. My host, a young Israeli girl named Tal, tells me that, in her opinion, the things that make the nightlife of Tel Aviv so interesting are the diversity of the places and moreover, the fact that you can find people partying everyday of the week. Tal works for a company called TLVnights (www.tlvnights.com), which takes pride in showing locals and foreigners the nightlife here for the past 8 years.

We start our adventure in a small bar, nothing fancy from the outside but as we walk in a smile comes to my face. Young, beautiful people fill the place, all drinking and dancing to the beats of some music of which I don’t understand the words to but want to keep hearing. Five minutes pass and I find myself dancing on the bar next to 2 local girls. Napkins fly in the air (I guess it’s a thing here), and bursts of cold air, sprayed from an oxygen tank by the bartender, hit my face. «welcome to «Billy jean«» says Tal.

If this is how people in Tel Aviv party, I want to see some more. As we walk out of the bar Tal asks me: «what’s up with the big smile?» I answer, not even noticing my silly grind, «I didn’t expect that. We walk for a few minutes and stop. «why are we stopping?» I ask, «this is our next stop» she says.

Standing in front of a small passage way, lit by a red neon light. I would never think that it’s a bar. There is a line of people in the entrance but Tal just nods to the bouncer and we get the ok to enter. As we enter, a large patio reveals, full with people that seem busy talking and drinking. I’m guessing that the theme here is retro-futurisam (how people imagined the future will look like in the past), and I know I’m right when Tal says «this is Sputnik«.

After adjusting my eyes, we go further in where there are two more spaces. The first one is a cool bar and the main area has a dj and a dance floor. The main wall is made of books and there are many cool video elements that I like. We have some drinks and I let my self get carried away with the electronic music playing in the background. Unwillingly we move on.

«There is a lot more to see» says Tal and gets into a taxi. It’s already 01:30 am and I think to myself that places will probably close soon. But was I wrong.. We arrive at a huge, wide building, it’s walls lost their whiteness a long time ago. «this is the central bus station and we are arriving at the «Block«» says Tal.

I remember reading somewhere that it’s the best sound system in the world. After skipping yet another line, I understand how important it is to have someone like Tal with me in Tel Aviv. Together, we walk in threw a wide corridor and finally reach a vast space, packed with happy faces. The first thing I noticed was that the music was everywhere, rapped around me and pulling me away to the dance floor but yet, not loud in a disturbing way so I could still talk to people around me. «some of the best dj’s in the world come to play here» says Tal and I know what she is talking about. During my time in the «Block» there were three different dj’s playing, all from the best clubs in Europe.

After a few hours of dancing, Tal grabs my hand and pulls me outside. The sun is starting to rise and I ask Tal «what’s next?», she replies pointing west to the beach: «swimming» and I said: «I’m in love with this place».