GIVE a HAND 🤟🏼 Tremendously scary, the fact that we don’t help each other in life. Not as much as we are able to do. What is something little for somebody, could be some big for somebody else. We are in the era of the “you and yourself”, even if you are nobody, without somebody else.

Just 30 minutes away by driving from Las Vegas you will find this special landscape very worth it to be visited, with more than two million people coming over each year. This is the view from the parking which is already impressive.

The unique location of Las Vegas, right in the middle of the Mojave Desert, offers the chance to visit this authentic places in a short trip.

Red Rock Canyon is called this way because of the reddish color of the stone and the formations are very spectacular. There is an interesting car route with some relevant stops to get different views of all the area.