Grand Canyon Aerial View✈️ Let me give you a tip! Get the left window of your flight from Las Vegas to the East, to enjoy this unique landscape. Since millions years ago of geological history, the nature is sculpting this magic place, layer by layer, by the elements and the Colorado River.


How to visit the Grand Canyon:

✈️• Get your flight seat in the left window side in any flight from Las Vegas towards the East.
🚁• Get an helicopter tour, flying through the Grand Canyon with a champagne breakfast inside.
🚎•Get a bus tour which drive you to the most relevant spots and give you facts and details.
🚗• Get a car and drive to the Grand Canyon, there are many interesting stops, but don’t miss the Skywalk.



One of the best experiences of my life. The Grand Canyon is crazily huge, so the best way to discover it is flying over it 🚁

Can’t describe with enough words the feelings. Helicopter flight over the Colorado Grand Canyon is one of best experiences of my life. Flying 30 minutes from Las Vegas Nevada to Arizona, where having breakfast inside the canyon, and then 30 more minutes flying back.

“I’ll find you in the morning sun…and when the night is new…I’ll be looking at the moon…but I’ll be seeing you” ♫

I’ll be seeing you ◈ Liberace. 

More than 1hour in the sky, it seems like a few seconds. Dream come true, flying over a Natural Wonder of the World, the Colorado Grand Canyon. Flying is the deepest dream of the human being. Pretending to be a bird with open wings, we always love to see everything from above.

Let me be! BIRD with open WINGS 🚁 “Once I get you up there…I’ll be holding you so near…you may hear the angels cheer…just because we’re together” ♫

Come Fly With Me ◈ The Rat Pack (Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. & Frank Sinatra).

FLY ME to the COSMOS 🚀

Feeling extraordinary after flying over the Colorado Grand Canyon. I am very passionate about the sky and universe, about its details and limits. We are a little part of something huge, and that’s the first reason to try to do your best, minute a minute, day by day.

“Let me play among the stars…let me see what spring is like…on Jupiter and Mars” ♫

Fly Me To The Moon ◈ Frank Sinatra.


Complete Grand Canyon + Private Flights

On this tour we will fly in a light aircraft to the Grand Canyon, where we take a helicopter to descend to the canyon floor, take in its principal viewpoints by bus, eat with the Hulapai tribe and finally go up to the Skywalk viewpoint.