1. Funchal
  2. Miradouro do Terreiro Da Luta
  3. Viewpoint Pico Do Arieiro
  4. Miradouros do Paredão
  5. São Vicente Caves
  6. Seixal Beach
  7. Ilheus da Rib
  8. Porto Moniz Natural Pools
  9. Restaurant Sea View

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Miradouro do Terreiro Da Luta

Nice spot to get a full view of all the city of Funchal.


Viewpoint Pico Do Arieiro

1818 meters high is the third highest peak in Madeira after Pico Ruivo y Pico das Torres. There are impressive trekkings to do around this area. Easy accesible as you can get with the car and there is a parking nearby.


Miradouros do Paredão – Curral das Freiras

Safe from The Pirates ⚓️Curral da Freiras is situated in a deep valley, which resembles the crater of a volcano but which owes its appearance only to heavy erosion. The name of this parish comes from a curious situation from around 1560. When the nuns of the Convent of Santa Clara fled from the Lutheran French pirates who invaded the island and sacked the city of Funchal, they found this place hidden in the mountains to be the ideal shelter. Curral da Freiras, is one of the few places on the island that is not visible from the sea and so it is more protected and of difficult access. Still nowadays there is only one access by car, by a winding road from Funchal.


São Vicente Caves

The São Vicente Caves were formed 890.000 years ago by a volcanic eruption. The outer part of the lava that was exposed to lower temperatures, solidified rapidly while the inside remained liquid with lots of gases, forming a series of lava tubes. It is not usual to find volcanic caves, generally the caves use to be from limestone, karst caves with stalactites and stalagmites. The caves may be visited by following an underground route running for over 1.000 meters. The height of the caves varies between 5 and 6 meters. At the end of the tour, visitors may access the Volcano Centre, a pavilion offering a range of educational and entertaining audiovisual displays that recreate the geological evolution of the caves, the eruption of a volcano and even a simulation of the birth of the Madeira Islands.

Deep into the volcanic caves of Sao Vicente – Video


Seixal Beach

Black sand beach perfect for a swim and a fresh up.


Ilheus da Rib

One of the most popular symbols of north Madeira, these rock formations looking like emerging out of the ocean.


Porto Moniz Natural Pools

Wonderful natural pools to enjoy when the sea is calm, one of the most popular attractions of Madeira.



Restaurant Sea View

This restaurant is located next to the natural pools and it offers great food…

…and delicious deserts!