Porto Santo was discovered in 1418, by Portuguese sailors. The archipelago is formed by the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo as well as the uninhabited Selvagens and Desertas Islands. The mild climate all year around, the spectacular unspoilt landscapes and the richness and variety of the natural, historical and cultural resources are some reasons to visit it. This Atlantic island boasts 9 km of beach with fine golden sand, ideal for sunbathing and swimming, also its sand have rare therapeutic properties.

Get a ferry from Funchal to visit Porto Santo early in the morning.

Sunrising & Uprising 🌞I’m more sunset lover than sunrise lover, especially because I am usually sleeping on mornings. I normally go sleep late as I don’t need so much to sleep. Always with a balance, but the less you sleep the more you live. If you are sleeping 2 hours less than the average, you will live 30 days more in 1 year time. Interesting? Let’s see…🌚



  1. Praia da Fontinha
  2. Christopher Columbus’s House
  3. Portela Viewpoint
  4. Moinhos de Vento
  5. Casa da Serra
  6. Miradouro da Fonte da Areia
  7. Porto Santo Desert
  8. Quinta das Palmeiras
  9. The Organ Pipes – Ana Ferreira Peak
  10. Ponta da Calheta

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Praia da Fontinha

This is the 9k beach with fine golden sand, ideal for sunbathing and swimming, also its sand have rare therapeutic properties.


Christopher Columbus’s House

Christopher Columbus was here with an interesting story that I recommend you to find about. That´s why he has a dedicated house in this island.


Portela Viewpoint

The best viewpoint to admire the 9km beach of Porto Santo.


Moinhos de Vento

Next to the Portela Viewpoint there are these beautiful windmills.


Casa da Serra


Old house which shows how was the life in the past years where is also possible to buy some typical products of the island.


Miradouro da Fonte da Areia

Amazing views to admire how the sea hits the rocks.


Porto Santo Desert

Great option to get a tour with a jeep to find this hidden desert 🐚Jeep Tour through Porto Santo island to discover diverse landscapes. Suddenly we find a little desert, which years ago was under water and where it still remain fossils from sea animals.


Quinta das Palmeiras

Curious place full of animals, birds and fishes.


The Organ Pipes – Ana Ferreira Peak

Follow your Dreams💫I’ve never seen something like this! This amazing rock columns were formed by the quick contact of warm magma explosion and the frozen ice.



Ponta da Calheta

9km Golden Sand Beach⛱ Just imagine to have a swim in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in this paradise with this view. Don’t imagine, come to Porto Santo.