«Accomodation» in Tubotel (Langkawi) for a total price of 360MYR (around 71 euros) for 2 nights and 3 people. (which means around 12 euros per person per night)

We have a 4 people share room and we were 3 people, so it was great!

– If you are booking in advance be aware that the reservations are full charge and non refundable.

– The best way to get the area of Pantai Chenang is by Uber for around 7-12MYR.

– Also possible bike/moto rentals with very cheap price for a day.

– Total price of 360MYR (around 71€) for 2 nights and 3 people, which means around 12€ per person per night.

– Breakfast is included and the hostel is well equipped with beds and sofas in front of the sea, games and pool table.

– 1MYR = 0,2€

Managed by Hostelworld:

This is for 2 people so perfect for couples, waking up with the sea and horizon in front.




– The best is the Basic Combo which includes SkyCab, SkyDome, 3D Art Museum and SkyRex for 55MYR adults and 40MYR childs.

– There are more Combos available including more activities.

– Get a clear sky day to enjoy the panoramic views.

– Restaurants around of different type allow you to breakfast/lunch before/after the experience.


– Different Combos are available including some attractions and experiences.

– SkyCab is the longest free span single cable car with a distance of around 1 kilometer.

– SkyBridge is the world longest curve suspension bridge with single pylon.

– Binocular rental 1 for 8MYR and 2 for 10MYR

– 1MYR = 0.2€

– Brings you 708 meters above sea level offering 360 panoramic views by crossing the Machincang mountain.

– Exciting rock tower peaks, deep chasms, overhangs cliff walls and isolated pinnacles.

– With clear sky you may see south of Thailand.

Uber from airport to Mad Monkey Hostel was 21 MYR (around 4.5 euros) and 24 minutes.


2.30pm – On the way to Cablecar and Skybridge

Uber from our hostel to the cablecar area was 19 MYR (around 4 euros) and 22 minutes.


3.00pm – Arrival to Cablecar and Skybridge


3.30pm – Lunch at Laila Kebab Restaurant

The location.


4.00pm – Cable Car and Skybridge

The entrance!

Inside the cablecar!

Atop the cablecar!

The Skybridge.


6.00pm – The 3D Museum

– Largest 3D Museum in Malaysia and second one in the world.

– Featuring more than 100 artworks.

– It is a three story building with more than 2.000 square meters.

– Nine interactive areas including optical illusion, landscapes, castles, safari, fantasy, aquatic, Egyptian and Malaysian.

– Painted by 23 Korean artists along with local ones.

– Open daily from 9am to 6pm

– Entrance fee is 38MYR adults and 28MYR children (unless you got a Combo)

– Different Combos are available including some attractions and experiences.

– 1MYR = 0.2€


There is also included like a virtual reality show with dinosaurs!


10.00pm – Dinner in Palm View Seafood Restaurant

The location.