1. Brooklyn Bridge
  2. DUMBO
  3. Williamsburg
  4. Bushwick
  5. Coney Island
  6. Brooklyn Museum
  7. Brooklyn Botanical Garden
  8. Domino Park
  9. Barclays Center
  10. Prospect Park
  11. New York Transit Museum



Williamsburg is the most trendy area of Brroklyn where dazzling bars and cozy restaurants are mixed with clubs and street art, as well as the pure lifestyle of Brooklyn.

Just one subway stop from Manhattan…drop off in Bedford Avenue to discover cool spots as:

  • Amazing views of Manhattan skyline.
  • Rooftop hotels as Hoxton, Wythe or Westlight.
  • Brooklyn Brewery & Winery.
  • Trendy shops and bars.
  • Brooklyn Bowl.
  • Street Art.
  • The Domino Park.
  • Smorgasburg Food Market on weekends.
  • Ferry service for crossing East River.

More reasons? Sure yes! Go discover them!🙃🚀



  1. Bedford Av Station
  2. Brooklyn Winery
  3. SEA Thai Restaurant – Great Thai restaurant good price and environment
  4. Music Hall of Williamsburg
  5. Shelter – Well known wall
  6. Brooklyn Brewery – There are tours and free tastings!
  7. Brooklyn Bowl – To play bowl or just look inside the building
  8. Wythe Hotel – Nice rooftop with views
  9. Bushwick Inlet Park – Enjoy the amazing views of Manhattan!

Next to the East River you can bet this impressive view of the skyline of Manhattan from Williamsburg.



Bushwick is one of my favorite neighborhoods. Finding contrasts. It is one of best things of New York City. 30 minutes subway from Times Square and you get Bushwick, in Brooklyn.

Street art all over the place. Outstanding street art. The new trendy area is here. The Flow is here. Most of the street art in Bushwick is managed by curators, who are securing their consent with painting of murals on the walls, and curating the world’s best street artists to paint them, the project is called The Bushwick Collective. It is possible to discover all the corners of this amazing area by a guided tour.

As far as buzz goes, few neighborhoods garner as much attention, globally, as Bushwick. Believe the hype! This area, located in north Brooklyn, claims cutting-edge galleries to Jay Z–approved restaurants, as Roberta’s. Pop-up late-nights, an eatery in a defunct gas station, like the recently opened Montana’s Trailhouse, and a vinyl-recycling jewelry label called Wrecords By Monkey are all within a few blocks. The hipsters who settled in Brooklyn 10 years ago, especially in Williamsburg, now are moving here.



I have been three times exploring the outsanding street art of Bushwick. Very different area of New York City and very impressive.

Come over to keep surprising yourself with all the possible things that offers New York City! Here is my recommendation for a walking route, with some of the most iconic graffities and spots, but I also reccomend you to lose yourself!

  1. Jefferson Street Subway Station
  2. The Cobra Club
  3. Brooklyn Beer Garden
  4. Bushwick Market
  5. Maria Hernandez Park
  6. 400 Troutman Street
  7. The Bushwick Collective

Definitely, Bushwick is a must when visiting New York City. Finding alternative activities makes unique and special every time you visit this ever evolving city. Go out of Manhattan and explore the other boroughs as Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island, the experiences are never ending.



Do you know I was part of a videoclip recorded in Bushwick Brooklyn? Everything started with this picture.

While taking some shots I have seen this guy dressing very cool and I asked him to be with me in the picture. After 15 minutes I have seen this guy with more people recording a videoclip, and they asked me to participate! Check the YouTube Video below to see the result!

I am around the 0.50 minute. I started to do my typical FlyWithFlow dance and they all danced this way with me!



Wonders of Coney Island 🎡
Favorite area of NewYork because you can find a different and alternative experience in it’s unique environment. Attractive and colorful amusement park, a boardwalk with iconic restaurants and the chance to have a swim in the beach, are just some reasons to spend a full day in Coney Island!

Coney Island is the New York City’s legendary amusement district. The home of the Cyclone roller coaster, the colorful Wonder Wheel, the original Nathan’s Famous hot dogs and the boardwalk is something different: a seaside playground that’s also a real-life NYC neighborhood. Its many attractions have made it a warm-weather favorite for all, featuring see-it-to-believe-it sideshows, beachfront stands selling funnel cake, one of the City’s oldest and best pizzerias and the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team. On a bright summer day, no place feels more electric.

Smiles for Everyone!🎢🎠🏰
Let the fun begin! I love this amusement park which makes me smile everywhere I look at. Luna Park opened in 1903 and I just try to imagine people 100 years ago having fun in the almost same attractions, probably their feelings were super intense with the turns and velocity of the attractions, as the Cyclone roller coaster from 1927 or the Wonder Wheel from 1920.

The City’s most famous beach, boardwalk and rides. The boardwalk’s premier attraction, Luna Park, features 28 rides, 13 carnival-style games and an arcade for kids and adults, including thrill rides that will challenge even the most hardcore roller coaster fans. And, of course, no visit to Coney Island is complete without a ride on the grandfather of the American roller coaster—the legendary Cyclone Roller Coaster. Luna Park also offers eight food options.

7th times visiting NewYork and just the 2nd coming to Coney Island, I love this place! Discover this area to get a different side of NewYork and to enjoy a different experience out of the traditional way. Coney Island Circus Sideshows is an experience since 1985 to enjoy a traditional ten in one circus sideshow with freaks, wonders and human curiosities🌀



From 1883 and 2km long. Every time I come back I need to see you back, Brooklyn Bridge.

The sunset from here is always special as it falls down under the skyline of Manhattan.