The island is Bohol is one of my favorites for the wide variety of activities and for the lush nature. The best is to rent a motorcycle to do various routes or get lost while driving and enjoying the landscapes. The best area to get accommodation is Panglao, a small island connected to Bohol Island by a bridge, where there are many options to sleep, to eat and to get tours.



The best way to explore Bohol Island is to rent a motorcycle, the tour itself is a gift for the senses. While driving, we couldn’t stop looking at each other pointing to places, stopping to savor every corner and instant better, and continually saying ¡WoW! 🤩

Renting one automatic motorcycle for 24 hours in Panglao is 350 pesos (6,3€), we negotiate to rent for two days two motos at a price of 600 pesos (10,8€). Gasoline full day 120 pesos (2,2€).


The moto route:

  1. Alona Beach in Panglao🏝
  2. Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Cornella🐒
  3. Surroundings of Loboc River🌿
  4. Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge⛓
  5. Bilar Man-Made Forest🍃
  6. Chocolate Hills🍫

Click here to get the moto route in your Google Maps:


Alona Beach in Panglao

Alona Beach is located in the small island of Panglao, at the southwest side of Bohol, connected by bridges. Panglao, especially Alona Beach is the most popular area to stay as there are many hotels/hostels, restaurants, tour companies, as well as a Mc Donalds and Seven Elevens. Our accomodation was in Lennon’s Place Backpacker Hostel.

During the motorcycle route, we could not contain the temptation to make stops, where we most liked, and that happened to us continuously!🤩


Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Cornella

Tarsiers are very curiouos and cute animal. Some fatcs:

  • It´s a primate not a monkey.
  • Nocturnal animals
  • Jump 3 meters by trees
  • They suicide when are in captivity
  • Solitaires and territorials


Surroundings of Loboc River

Around the Loboc River you will find amazing nature and so many curves to make the driving much more fun.

On the way we have seen this super fancy Jeepney, which is a typical public transportation in Philippines, a left over from the United States during the World War II.


Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge

This place is worth it for a quick stop as its on the way of the road of this route.

This moment was very special because of the shades of green and because there was a school right next to it, and dozens of children came out to greet us and smile with us👫🏽


Bilar Man-Made Forest

The origin of this place is due to deforestation during World War II, later thousands of mahogany trees were planted, which now form this peculiar landscape🍃


Chocolate Hills

Able to create shapes and colors, capable of transmitting emotions and sensations. I proclaim myself, a complete admirer of our curious world, and I reiterate, in full passion to travel and discover it. So big and so different, that sometimes traveling thousands of kilometers, leads us to find places as unique as this one, Chocolate Hills🍫

These unique forms of nature, a total of 1.776 hills, were created two million years ago, by the elevation of coral deposits and the action of rainwater erosion, when the island of Bohol was under a sea with coral reefs. After a few stormy days, the coral fragments created several layers, which now form these hills🐚



This moto route is around the south coast of Bohol:

  1. Swim with Whale Sharks in Lila🦈
  2. Secret Beach next to Nagsulay Bridge🐚
  3. Palms around Puangyuta🌴
  4. Ingkumham Falls💦
  5. Pahangog Falls🧜🏼‍♂️


Click here to get the moto route in your Google Maps:


Swim with Whale Sharks in Lila

We started the day driving to “Taug Whaleshark Watching”, in the town of Lila, where it is possible to swim with Whale Sharks. This place is open some months ago, so it’s less touristy, meets all environmental requirements and the price is 18€🤟🏼 The Whale Shark, is the largest fish in the world, it can be 14 meters long and 12 tons🤩


Secret Beach next to Nagsulay Bridge

You have marked this beach on the map, we found it by chance to rest a little and have a beer. We were the only tourists until a group of children arrived and we began to play with them.


Palms around Puangyuta

I have always wanted a photo surrounded by palm trees, although this is not the best place I have seen, I got it and I already have my photo.


Ingkumham Falls

After descending a path and several stairs we reached this hidden waterfall, at that time not much water fell but there was a small lake perfect for bathing and refreshing. In addition the lake had a rope where you can jump into the lake.


Pahangog Falls

Pahangog Twin Falls is where we finished the moto route, to have a swim and chill out. The motorcycle must be parked at the top and then there is a long descent of about 15 minutes downhill, the most difficult thing would be to return, uphill. There were some cabins that can be rented for the day or hours, they had tables and they are right in front of the falls.



At the north of Panglao you will find Napaling, where is possible to swim with a huge bank of sardine. While the most famous bank of sardine is located in Moalboal (Cebu Island), this one is also incredible and a wonderful experience.

Best of all, access is very simple, just going down these stairs you can find the bank of sardines, in addition to many more colorful fishes.



Balicasag Island and Virgin Island are an hour by boat from Panglao. The tour starts at 6am, ends at 11am and the price is around 1,000 pesos (~18€). Includes entrance fees to the islands, guide, and snorkel goggles👌🏼We started the tour at 6am, sailing to Balicasag Island, to spot dolphins from the boat … but we could not see them! 🐬


Balicasag Island

At Balicasag Island, we snorkelled to see its coral reef, various colorful fish, and I was lucky enough to swim alongside a beautiful turtle for more than five minutes🐢

The turtle filled me with happiness and now it is part of the best experiences of my trip. Incredible sensation of swimming with this majestic animal, which seems to be flying and floating in the water🚀 There was also many colorful fishes!


Virgin Island

Then we sail to Virgin Island, where the white sand bottom is shallow, so you can feel you are walking on the water, and best of all, to see many starfishes⭐️



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