Cebu City is the second most important and populated city after the capital Manila. The airport is connecting many national flights as well as some international flights. It is a great island to start s trip in Philippines and there are so many interesting things to see and do in Cebu Island and also in the surrounding islands.



  • Moalboal
  • Kawasan Falls
  • Oslob
  • Tingko Beach
  • Sumilon Island
  • Malapascua Island
  • Bantayan Island
  • Bohol Island



Moalboal is one of the top destinations for snorkeling and diving in Philippines. Swimming with turtles in Moalboal, on the island of Cebu, is something we will never forget. We spent over an hour swimming with this magical animal.



* Makan – Local restaurant with very good prices and very generous dishes
* Kiraras Resto Bar – Very similar to Makal
* Ven’z Kitchen – Vegetarian with extensive menu

* Chili Bar – Place where all backpackers meet at night to have beers, cocktails and dance

It is best to be close to Saavedra Beach, where there are more shops and restaurants. We stayed in “Bamboo Huts” small cabins with a good location, more recommended one cabin per person. Price ~ 800 pesos (~14€) for 2 people 1 night.

The best price we found, automatic motorcycle in good condition for 250 pesos (~4.3€) for 24 hours in front of Pacita’s Disco Bar.



  • Snorkel at Savedra Beach
  • White Beach
  • Kawasan Falls
  • Osmeña Peak
  • Cambais Falls



Renting a motorcycle is a great option to get there, from Moalboal, in about 45 minutes. The path along the coast offers spectacular views of the vast palm groves and the vastness of the sea🌴

Kawasan Falls is one of the most impressive places in the Philippines. Three levels of waterfalls, all amazing … 🤩 The entrance to Kawasan Falls is 50 pesos (~0.9€) and the place is worth spending the whole day. It is possible to do it on your own, the first and second level of the falls, they have natural pools where you can bathe in turquoise blue waters. On the third level it is also possible to bathe, there is also an area where you can jump from a rope and feel like Tarzan himself.

Another option is to hire a tour “canyoneering”, where you can descend through the waters of the levels, jumping from the top of each waterfall, to the natural pools that form at the foot of each one🤟🏼



Oslob is a very popular destination to swim with whalesharks, but there are many more reasons to discover around. For example, you will find an old Spanish Cuartel which was started to be built around 1860 but it was never finished.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception still remains after being built around 1830. During the colonial era the churche were used for many purposes as cuartels, hospitals, to storage and more.

We found some kids after school and we take this happy picture altogether! The city center of Oslob has less tourism so you can get more in contact with the locals and also discover the historic heritage of this area.

I enjoyed this amazing sunrise from Saschas Resort, the place which was my accommodation during more than a week, thanks to the owner and all the staff were very kind and made me feel like at home.


Saschas Resort – My accomodation in Oslob

We spent more than a week here and we felt at home, everytime you can see the sea, as you can see the place is very well kept, it has its own restaurant and a great pool.

It also has direct access to the sea by this stairs. From the room to the ocean in one minute.

The room was very confortable all was great, and we can see the sea from the window.



One of the most beautiful becahes of this area, you can get it from Oslob or also spend some nights next to it. This is a very local place, so you will mostly find Philippine people.

Always ready for exploring!