If you ask how to imagine an idyllic paradise, the Philippines would have many real answers. Sumilon Island is renowned for its tongue of white sand, clear waters and the quality of its snorkeling.

To get there, you can take the characteristic tricycle to the port area, located 10km south of the city of Oslob. From there, a boat for about 300 pesos (~5.3€) per person, round trip, and a journey of about 15 minutes, will take you to this magical island, where the entrance fee is 50 pesos (the price total of the boat is 1,500 pesos, join more people to get a better price) ⛵️

The first Protected Marine Sanctuary in the Philippines, since 1974, is located on Sumilon Island, making it one of the best places in the Philippines to snorkel. You can see how the seabed is intact and there are a variety of goldfish! 🐠