6.15pm –  Arrival to International Airport Luis Muñoz Marín

The flight was with Air Europa from Madrid to Puerto Rico, direct flight. We got the tickets with 2 weeks in advance with a price of 448 euros, go and return.

«Advice» As Puerto Rico belongs to United Stated you need to do the online visa ESTA which is valid for 2 years and it costs 14 dollars. Don’t pay more than this amount as there are several websites offering a higher price, the correct website is the official from the US Government.

From the airport we got a taxi until the Old City of San Juan. The price is a fix fare of 22 dollars and the time is around 15 minutes, depending of traffic, logically.


7.30pm – Check in at Posada San Francisco

«Accomodation» Posada San Francisco (2 nights) with a total price of 90 dollars for 2 people (which is around 22 dollars per night)

«Advice» I do usually book these hostels by the website Hostelworld. This website let me to do a flexible booking paying 1 euro extra, which allows me to make a cancelation some days in advance (depending the accommodation policies) and the deposit already charged (use to be a 10% or 15%) remains in your Hostelworld account, available for the next 6 months.


10.00pm- Dinner at Meson de Sandwiches.

We have founded this place by chance while walking. They have a wide array of diverse sandwiches for around 6 dollars each. The total price of the dinner was around 10 dollars.


11.00pm – Nightlife

To have fun we recommend you to hang around calle San Sebastian which is plenty of bars and special highlight to La Factoria, one of best cocktails bars in world.

We had couple of shots with nice flavors in a place called Los 3 Cuernos, where the walls are full of signed dollar bills.

«Advice» I do love the language of people from Puerto Rico. It is similar than Spanish but with different words. For example, the name for the “shots” in Puerto Rico is “chichaitos”.