During this day we visited:

  • Gozalandia Waterfalls
  • Peña Blanca Beach
  • Crashboat Beach


12.00pm – Arrival to Gozalandia Waterfalls from Rincon

There is a parking for 5 dollars where you can park your car for all the day.

Next to it, there is a bar/restaurant where we have a delicious Piña Colada (typical from Puerto Rico) and we get some food and beers to bring it to the waterfalls.


1.00pm – The Gozalandia Waterfalls

The waterfalls are short distance from the bar and parking.

I am always in love with waterfalls.

We recommend you firstly going to the further one and little one, which is really beautiful and there is rope allowing you to do some nice jumps into the water.

The big one and famous one, it is simply amazing. One of best things if the trip! Here you can have a swim, eat your food from the bar, and also is possible to jump from inside the waterfall to the water. Caution! And watch out! It is bit dangerous but, that jump was awesome!

Cheers ! Medalla is the typical beer from Puerto Rico

«Advice» Check the waterfall carefully, do you see the face of a lion? Yes it is!

On the way, we stopped by a supermarket and this is the beer offer:


5.00pm – Peña Blanca Beach

Peña Blanca is a hidden beach in the area of Aguadilla, northwest Puerto Rico. You might only get here if somebody recommends you. That’s the best to speak with locals, to get wonderful advices.


6.00pm – Crashboat Beach

It is one of most famous beaches in Puerto Rico as you can dive next to the little and abandoned pier, also perfect to enjoy sunset while drinking some beers.