9.00am – The adventure in the Tanamá River

From Rincon to the Tanama River.

We got an excursion with Batey called River Caving Tour.

“The River Caving Tour includes approximately 3.5 hours of exploring through natural and unspoiled river and forest treks that will connect you with the setting where our ancestors lived in”

It was a outstanding experience to cross rivers, explore caves, see the bats, get a kayak, enjoy the nature, cross holding bridges and be part of the adventure!

Getting into huge caves full of hundreds of bats. Turn up the volume to listen them. The floor is completely black because of the guano.

Walking down the river descending by the river course.

Crossing rivers by swimming. Someone said something about crocodiles…and the alarm was activated !!

That bridge…Green isn’t a unique color!



Let’s kayak the paradise!

Kayaking with the boricua team in the Tanama River. Always rowing towards happiness!

Crossing this narrow cave.

With our super cool nature guide, Edwin!


6.00pm – Mar Chiquita Beach

We got our red jeep and head off to the beach.

Track the trick to get the truck! Mack!


There is a little beach with a semi circular shape one hour far away from the Tanamá River. We spent the afternoon and see the sunset here.

Never feel alone. You are always with you!

«Advice» Get a light hammock and bring it with you in this kind of trips. Whenever you may find 2 palms in short distance, there you have a comfortable place!

Mar Chiquita, located next to Manatí, is an oval shaped with golden sand cove protected from the rough Atlantic by a rocky wall. It’s one of top beaches in Puerto Rico