We crossed the entire island by car, from our accommodation place in Rincon, to the city of Ceiba, where we are going to get a little plane to get the Island of Vieques.

We got the flight tickets by Vieques Airlink by a little plane with around 5 days in advance for a price of around 70 euros, go and return.

Couple of beers before flying:


1.30pm – Flight from Ceiba to Vieques

This was a 10 minutes fly, with a little airplane, across the Caribean ocean, and it was…amazing!

The flight is from Ceiba in east Puerto Rico to a little island called Vieques

We are going to fly over the Caribe !

We have been talking with the captain before the takeoff. Flying as a Caribbean bird over the Caribe.

Things are seen different from above. And I am on the way to the top !


1.45pm – Arrival in Vieques

Puerto Rico is the paradise island of USA and Vieques is the paradise island of Puerto Rico.

Streets of Vieques.


«Advice» The island of Vieques is full of “wild horses” you will see them everywhere, don’t worry! According locals, you can ride the horse wherever you want, as long as you leave the horse in the same area than the pick up. What? Yes!




2.30pm – Renting a car

This is the third car we rent in the trip of Puerto Rico, we got it in order to move around Vieques, the price was around 70 euros for 2 days.



5.00pm – Super Pizza for lunch

There is a place where you will find super huge pizzas for a good price where you can eat for around 10 euros per person. (sorry I don’t remember exactly, but was in isabel II city, and in front of a supermarket, ask the locals!)


6.00pm – The Bioluminiscent Bay

There is something unique here in the island of Vieques, a Bioluminiscent Bay.

This is a night activity where you get a kayak and explore a lake which is full of organisms called Pyrodinium bahamense, Dinoflagellates (dinos). The dinos have a reaction when they have a contact with any other thing, and they bright! They bright for a second into the water! They bright with every moment of your row, your boat or any fish moving into the water! It is a one lifetime experience and sorry, there is no picture of this as it was completely dark and no flashes allowed.

The price per person is around 35 euros.

«Advice» The best moment to enjoy the dinos is with the new moon, when is darkest at night. You can check the lunar calendar to plan your visit according it.