The old town of San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico

1.00pm – Castillo San Felipe El Morro

Welcome to the fort castle of San Felipe del Morro in San Juan. Pure history.

San Felipe del Morro was named in honor of King Phillip II, commonly known as El Morro, and it is a 16th-century citadel. The construction began in 1540 when King Charles V of Spain authorized its construction, including the surrounding walls and completed in 1589. The fort is a maze of tunnels, dungeons, barracks, outposts and ramps.

The fort castle of San Felipe del Morro is studded with small, circular sentry boxes called garitas that have become a national symbol. The views of San Juan Bay from El Morro are spectacular. The area was designated a National Historic Site in February 1949

The large green field in front of the fort was strategically planned by the military and used as camping ground during for the troops during WWII. Today it is an extremely popular spot for locals to picnic and fly kites. Including its green field, El Morro has the distinction of being the largest fortification in the Caribbean, with a total of 300.000 square meters

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The castle.

More of the castle.


The background.

In 1493, Christopher Columbus «discovered» Puerto Rico and claimed it for Spain. Columbus called the whole island San Juan, in honor of Saint John the Baptist. Puerto Rico was the name given to what is known today as the Old San Juan area. It was only later that the names were reversed and the whole island became known as Puerto Rico


3.30pm – Old San Juan

Old San Juan is a 500 years old neighborhood originally conceived as a military stronghold.

Its area has evolved into a charming residential and commercial district, the streets are paved with cobbles of adoquine and colorful houses.


8.00pm – Flight from San Juan to Madrid

End of the trip but more adventures coming soon!

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