After visiting Miami we were quite tired and we slept well to get energy for the rest of the trip.

«Accomodation» Well located Airbnb next to Calle Loiza and walk distance from the nightlife in San Juan. (the nightlife of Old San Juan you need to get transporation) The total price was 360 euros for 4 nights for 4 people. (which means around 22 euros per night per person)

This is the place:


1.30pm – Lunch at Acapulco Taqueria Mexicana

Walking through Calle Loiza, one of most relevant streets in San Juan, we found a nice Mexican place to have lunch. We paid for 2 people around 35 dollars. (tip included)

Here is the lunch:

Here is the menu:

Here is the ticket:


3.00pm – Beach of San Juan

After lunch we decided to chill out at the beach.

It was around here:


5.30pm – Picking up friends

We went to the airport to pick up two friends joining the trip! The fun is growing up!

Jose & Sergio (@ ja.riq & @s.riq)


9.00pm – Dinner at La Alcappurria Quemá

It is a typical place of San Juan where you may find the typical food as the alcapurrias and empanadillas, the prices are great! It was a recommendation directly from Puerto Rico Tourism Board of Spain.


10.00pm – Nightlife in San Juan

Placita Santurce is one of best areas to have fun in the night. It is full of bars and terraces in the street. Latin and salsa music everywhere. People is happy and friendly.

We met with some friends from Puerto Rico (met them in New York a year ago) and they show us the real Puerto Rico night! Always is amazing to be with locals to really enjoy the local life.


11.00pm – La Factoria

La Factoria was denominated as one of best bars for cocktails in the world. The place is really cozy and fancy, there are several spaces and rooms with different ambiances, in one of them they are always playing salsa and…what a better place than Puerto Rico to try your salsa skills?


12.00am – Funky Buddha

Then we moved to Funky Buddha, which is a nice club located around Calle Loiza (we had our Airbnb apartment around this area). So much reggaeton to dance! And…what a better place than Puerto Rico to try your reggaeton skills?