11.00am – On the way to Icacos Island

We rent another car, the 2nd one of a total of 4. We did all in Enterprise.

By car we get the area of Las Croabas, here we need to get a boat to Icacos Island.


12.00pm – Boat to Icacos Island

«Advice» The best is to find local fishermen and arrange a price to get the island. The price was around 100 euros for 4 people, go and return. It takes like 15 minutes the trip.


12.30pm – Icacos Island

This is the paradise! It is a deserted island; the unique habitants are crabs and mosquitoes! There are no shops, no nothing! So you have to bring everything you need as food, drinks and more. Suddenly we got a tropical storm; the rain was hitting our heads so strong! And we put the head under water to save the impact! Luckily the storm was quick and then we keep on enjoying. Some pictures!

«Advice» In the supermarket they sell like a plastic fridge which you can transport some beers with ice, then you will enjoy more in the paradise!

Icacos Island is a real paradise!



And yes…we went to Funky Buddha!