This day we are renting a car and moving to west Puerto Rico. By changing location we are able to get more places along the island.

3.00pm – Renting car

During the trip, we rent a total of 4 different cars! And now is the third one and the best one! This time we got a Jeep! A super cool red Jeep!

Jeep !! Yes, we got a Jeep !! This is our 3rd car in Puerto Rico, from a total of 4 cars throughout the whole trip. Perfect to explore the island and get into adventure


4.00pm – Lunch at Bebo´s

This is a great place to find the typical food from Puerto Rico and also from Latin countries. The menu is very varied offering a wide array of options.

Here is the food we ordered:

Here is the menu:

Here is the place:


6.30pm – Little walk in Old San Juan

As we had some spare time before going to the west we explored a little bit of Old San Juan.

By the way, is crazy all those products in the supermarket! (not usual in Spain like this)


12.00am – Arrival to Rincon

«Accomodation» We arrived to Rincon in the night to sleep, we got a super cool Airbnb place for a total price of 382 euros for 4 nights for 3 people. (which means around 31 euros per person per night)

This is the super cool place and the guests were very nice: