The Roman heritage from this south west area of Iberian Peninsula is spectacular, this Roman essence still remains, showing the magnificence of this imperium in the cities of Mérida (Spain), Évora (Portugal) and Cáceres (Spain).



These are the activities that I mostly recommend you in Extremadura with Civitatis.

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Full Tour of Merida with Tickets

The history of Hispania is reflected in the past of Augusta Emerita. Get to know its heritage with this tour in which we will visit monuments such as the Roman Theater or the Morerías archaeological area.



Guided Tour of the Amphitheater and Roman Theater in Merida

Performing arts or gladiator fights? With this guided tour of the theater and the amphitheater in Mérida, discover the secrets of public shows at Augusta Emerita.



Full Tour of Cáceres with Tickets

Arab towers and fortresses, buildings of the Society of Jesus, Jewish remains … The monumental complex of Cáceres is extraordinary. Would you like to discover it?



4×4 Tour of the Dehesa of Cáceres

Explore the dehesa of Cáceres and explore the beautiful natural landscapes of Extremadura with this exciting guided off-road route. You will visit a traditional cheese factory!




  1. Herrera del Duque
  2. Mérida
  3. Évora (in Portugal)
  4. Cáceres

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Welcome to My Little Village 🏰❤️🇪🇸

When I was younger, I used to go every summer and easter, lately I am visiting less but the love is the same.

Herrera del Duque is located in Badajoz, Extremadura. It is one of main villages of the area with more than 3.500 population, which in the main festivities or holidays, it probably duplicates its population and fun!

I find it cozy and adorable, like going away of the rush and worries, the feeling here is chill out during day and good vibes during night, the environment is pure nature. It has many special things around to do and visit, but one of the most special is…the castle atop the hill!

Last April 2018, we visited Herrera del Duque while the festivity of “Ruta de la Tapa”, which means you go from bar to bar, having a beer and trying special and different food from every bar. The fun starts around midday and it ends whenever you want!

There is a castle atop of a hill which is very cool to explore and to get panoramic views of all the village and the surroundings. The castle of Herrera del Duque displays all its stately 16th-century splendour, a characteristic that has led to its declaration as a Spanish historical heritage site.

Located in the province of Badajoz, it is a key point for dominating the town of the same name, as it is located on a high ground in Sierra Chamorro. This fortification is comprised of a walled enclosure, where most of the remains made of stone and masonry are still intact. Its most important owners were the members of the Order of Alcántara.



  1. Teatro Romano de Mérida
  2. Anfiteatro Romano
  3. Plaza de Toros Mérida
  4. Casa del Mitreo y área funeraria de Los Columbarios
  5. Plaza de España
  6. La Loba Capitolina
  7. Alcazaba
  8. Templo de Diana
  9. Pórtico del Foro Municipal de Augusta Emérita
  10. Acueducto de los Milagros

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Teatro Romano de Mérida


Anfiteatro Romano


Templo de Diana


Acueducto de los Milagros



  1. Praça do Giraldo
  2. Capilla de los Huesos
  3. Catedral de Évora
  4. Templo Romano de Évora
  5. Miradouro do Jardim Diana
  6. Arco Romano de Dona Isabel
  7. Acueducto de Água de Prata

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Capilla de los Huesos


Templo Romano de Évora


Catedral de Évora



  1. Plaza Mayor
  2. Arco de la Estrella
  3. Plaza de San Jorge
  4. Iglesia San Francisco Javier
  5. Iglesia de San Mateo
  6. Baluarte de los Pozos
  7. Arco del Cristo

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Iglesia San Francisco Javier


Iglesia de San Mateo