San Sebastian is probably one of the most beautiful cities on the Iberian peninsula with the elegance of its streets, its prestigious architecture and the wonderful Playa de la Concha.



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Guided Tour in San Sebastian

Tour the most emblematic places of San Sebastián and capture the elegant and modern essence of this coastal city while strolling through the Old Town or Playa de la Concha.


Santa Clara Island Boat Cruise

Located in the middle of the bay of Donostia, Santa Clara Island is one of the icons of San Sebastian. See it up close with this boat cruise!


San Sebastian Tourist Train

San Sebastian is a unique, beautiful corner of northern Spain. The most entertaining and comfortable way to see it is from a train carriage. You’ll discover why everyone falls in love with this city and its famous Concha beach.



  1. Peine del Viento
  2. Palacio de Miramar
  3. Balcón del Bicentenario
  4. Playa de La Concha
  5. Catedral del Buen Pastor
  6. Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián
  7. Plaza de la Constitución
  8. Paseo Nuevo
  9. Castillo de La Mota
  10. Monte Urgull

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Peine del Viento

Peine del Viento (The Comb of the Wind, in English) is a popular artwork by the artist Eduardo Chillida, located in the westerrns side of Playa de la Concha. Next to here you can get funicular railway to get a top the Monthe Igueldo and enjoy panoramic views of the city.


Palacio de Miramar

Wonderful architecture, gardens, flowers and especially the unique location makes the Miramar Palace a must stop to admire this 19th century building located in la Playa de la Concha.


Balcón del Bicentenario

Please. Have a seat with me to enjoy the view and the life.


Playa de La Concha

The beloved pearl of north Spain is located in a beach with a shell shape, Concha Beach. One of most important cities regarding beauty, cinema and gastronomy, San Sebastián •🐚•

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Catedral del Buen Pastor

The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd (Catedral del Buen Pastor) covers an area of 1,915 square metres and was inaugurated in 1897. It has a symmetrical, rectangular floor plan, in Latin cross formation with three naves, transept and presbytery. It is built in sandstone from the Monte Igueldo quarries and has a wealth of decorative elements such as stained glass windows, gargoyles, pinnacles, etc. Inside there is a very spacious crypt, while outside, its tower measures 75 metres in height.The high altar is dedicated to the Buen Pastor. It is home to statues of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, San Antonio, Santa Teresa and the Sagrado Corazón, among others •🙏🏼•


Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián

The City hall is located between La Concha Beach and the Old Town, it is one of the most majestic buildings of San Sebastián. Originally built in 1882 as a casino hall, it once hosted parties of the Belle Époque era, when Europe’s bourgeoisie and aristocracy spent their summers in San Sebastian. During World War I, the casino was filled with an eclectic mix of political refugees, spies (such as Mata Hari). Later on during the Spanish Civil War, the building was also caught up in the fighting between the nationalists and republicans. Today, bullet holes can still be seen on the facade of the building as a result of the bloody fighting that took place alongside it. Since 1947 the building has been used to house the city hall, which until then, was located at the Constitution Square •🔷•


Plaza de la Constitución

The Constitution Square was constructed in the year 1817 after the devastating fire of 1813. It is located in the heart of the Old Town and the building that dominates the square was San Sebastián’s City Hall until the 1940s. The balconies on the colourful buildings display numbers dating back to the time when the square was used as a bullring. Here, some of the most important local festivities take place •⚜•


Paseo Nuevo

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Castillo de La Mota

This castle is located at the top of Monte Urgull offering an excelent view of the city of San Sebastian.


Monte Urgull

Monte Urgull is a hill 123 meters high located in the east side of the city. When the city was founded around the 12th century, this hill was used as a defensive point.