Ao Nang Beach is one of the most relevant places in Krabi, all this information is around this area.



  • Enjoy Ao Nang Beach
  • Eat at Thai Halal Street Food
  • Walk the promenade during day and night
  • Party at the Upbeat
  • Visit the Elephants
  • Excursion to Railay Beach 



  • iDeal Beds Hostel Ao Nang Beach
  • Sleeper Hostel
  • Pop in Hostel
  • Slumber Party Hostel Krabi



Elephant Love 🐘 We have so much to learn from animals, in values ​​such as adaptation and overcoming, in this life that give us many challenges, continuously💫 Just look at the expression on my face! Says it all. Full admiration for this majestic animal, the elephant. One of the best experiences of my trip and of my life, to be able to caress and hug this elephant, to feel the touch of its rough skin, the movement of its flexible trunk, and its imposing presence. I never had the opportunity to feel it so closely, and the emotions are as varied as indescribable😊 It is important that we are aware that animal abuse exists. So on these occasions, we have to be responsible of choosing properly, the best option for us, and especially the best for them. On this occasion it was only a bath in the river, with caresses and hugs👌🏼



Railay Beach, will be in my memory forever, and especially this place, Phra Nang Beach💙

Best of Railay Beach, its only accessible by boat. We arrive from Ao Nang Beach in about 15 minutes for 100Bahts (3€). The area is full of restaurants, juice shake stands and stylish bars⛵️

The sky here behaves differently. Adopt authentic shapes and colors, which I am not able to believe, how is possible that one day after another, it keeps on giving these kind of sunsets🌤 Visiting a full day Railay Beach has been one of the most outstanding experiences of the trip. It is only possible the return by boat to Ao Nang, with a cost of 100Bahts (3€) until 6pm, and after 6pm its 150Bahts (4,5€), but then you will see the magic of the sun going down on the horizon. And tell me if I’m wrong, but does this sunset have a price?💸 It is also possible to stay here in Railay Beach, but I recommend you to better stay in Ao Nang Beach (main area of ​​Krabi), where there is more atmosphere and options, and come to Railay Beach for a day trip👌🏼

Explorer Heart 💚🔭 When we travel our instinct to explore and discover is activated. The greatest innate instinct since our existence, which is fully manifested when we are in places we don’t know. And in my case, this instinct makes me feel alive. More alive than never🚀 Railay Beach made me feel my purest instinct, my explorer soul. We have seen very peculiar monkeys like the «Dark Langur» and a prehistoric lizard named «Varanus» which surprisingly appeared on the beach. I felt in full nature more than ever on this trip, and that feelings for an explorer, its pure emotions🦎