This day we wake up and get the bus to our new destination, Ain Shokna! Next to the Red Sea, looking for some chill out!


11.30am – Bus from El Cairo to Ain Shokna

As you may remember, we got this bus tickets couple days before...and this is the day!

We got the tickets directly at the store which is around this roundabout.

It was not easy tofind but...this is the bus stop!

The bus.

The ticket.

Views from the bus window.

Inside the bus.

First views of the Red Sea.


1.45pm – Arrival to Ain Shokna

«Accomodation» in Porto Sokhna Beach Resort for a total price of 172 euros for 3 nights and 2 people. (which means around 28 euros per person per night)


2.00pm – Check in at Porto Shokna and our hotel room

The hotel.

The restroom.

The room.

The terrace.

Inside the hotel.

The swimming pool.


3.00pm – Relax in the beach

The hotel has its own little beach and we had some chill out here.

Also a warm water swimming pool.

We went in low season (December) so the hotel was kind of emprty, all for us!

Nathan Famous is here!

We had the hot dogs at the beach.

Such a red sunset in the Red Sea.

Offer and prices of the activities at the beach...

Try to guess what we did?

The menu of a restaurant located out of the hotel but next to it. So you can get an idea of the prices!

The restaurant.

Offer of more activities organized by the partners of the hotel...

Try to guess if we did it or not?

The guy who was managing the activyt finale became our bro!

Inside the hotel at night.


10.00pm - Dinner

The food.

The menu.

Back to the room, with the infinite corridors...