This day we got a boat tour activity in the Red Sea looking to find fun and colorful fishes!


1.00pm - The Boat Activity

Here, Charlie The Captain!

And here, Flow The BoatDriver!

We casually meet some nice Egyptian guys who were also doing the activity. 

And we had so much fun together by talking about life and singing and more! 

Such a big pleasure to meet you guys! 😉

We got able to have a swim and dive to see the famous colorful fishes of the area.

Unluckily there was some wind and the sea was not calm, so we were not able to see many fishes, but yes some of them!


9.00pm - Back to hotel

After having some rest we walked arount the hotel and have some dinner.

10.00pm - The dinner at The Mood

We liked so much the restaurant of the day before and we came back.

And...we order again the tuna salad! Yummy! 🙂

Also there was a Champions League game and we watched Liverpool match with the Egyptian M. Salah and all the Egyptian fans! So much fun!

Back to the room to watch the second half of Real Madrid match, my dear team! 😉