We got the 2 days visit ticket and we are willing to keep on enjoying this magic place.

This second day we visited Petra from 11.00 am to 5.00pm, when sunset arrives.

Check the route by Google maps and pictures

  1. The Siq
  2. The Treasury
  3. Nabatean Theatre
  4. The Great Temple
  5. Temple of Dushares
  6. The Monastery - Ad Deir
  7. Jordan mountains

1.The Siq

Once again crossing The Siq, which allows you to see more details and enjoy this big natural walls.


2.The Treasury


We found a little jordan guy taking care of a little shop and we share some happiness with a chocolate cookie.


3.Nabatean Theatre


4. The Great Temple


We love to meet locals and learn from them.


5. Temple of Dushares

This temple is some steps away from the picture below.


On the way to The Monastery - Ad Deir, which is around 1 hour or 1.30hours to get there. The track is magnificence with big rocks and zig zag path, and very worht it when you get the top and the goal.


6.The Monastery - Ad Deir


7.Jordan mountains

Please, if you get here and see this same guy take a selfie with him and send it to us!  - 


More locals, spreading happiness!



We leave Petra with a big smile and the feeling of discovering one of most wonderful places in world.