Here you can see all the varied items you may find in Malaysia and how the Malaysians are very nice and funny people!


- Great place for bargain and find clothes, souvenirs, electronic items...

- "Terima Kahsi" means "Thank you", the best word in world.

- Best way to move around Kuala Lumpur is metro and Uber.

- And better than Uber is "Grab", a similar app more used in the area.


- Jalan Petaling Market is located in the Chinatown area with also shops of Indian, Malay and Bangladesh, it closes around 11pm.

- It is totally covered by a roof and the street is pedestrianed.


The entrance.

It is covered by a roof so perfect for rainiy and hot days!

I like colorful t shirts!

You can find many things here.

Including backpacks (not sure about the quality...)

I got that cap after dealing a lot!

Finally we became friends from the guy of the shop.

So much friends!

Example of watches you may find in the markert.

The location.


2.30pm - Sri Mahamariamman Temple

After shopping we walked around to see this temple whis was next.

You have to get into barefoot by paying 20cents of a ringgit to this nice guy.

Inside the temple.

Do you find me?

The nice guy always smililng! Nice people everyone in Malaysia!

Then we founded a food market.

4.00pm - Lunch in McDonalds

There is no picture about the food (but you can imagine it more or less)

The ticket.

After lunch we check out in the hostel and got an UBer to the bus station as we are going to Melaka.

5.30pm - Bus Station TBS

We didnt have the tickets (as we couldnt manage by the website) and there was a long line.

The price was 10MYR per person, one way.

Important! If you are traveling by bus from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka, get your bus tickets in advance, as use to be busy and full. 

We couldnt get the next bus as it was full so we had to wait in the station couple hours for our bus.

The line.

The station.

Our tickets.

The guy of the tickets. (everyone speaks English here)

The bus station is super big!

And there are a lot of options to eat.

The real ticket.


10.30pm - Arrival to Melaka

«Accomodation» in Voyage Guest House (Melaka) for a total price of 99.99MYR (around 20 euros) for 1 night and 3 people. (which means around 6.6 euros per person per night)

We have a private room for 3 people.

Managed by Hostelworld:

A sharing room.

Scary stairs!

The place was good!

11.00pm - Jonker Street

Don’t miss the popular night market in Jonker Street where find varied food, art galleries, shops, from 6pm to midnight.

Varied food.

Very nice little ladies 🙂

We dinner here!

And this...yes! This is a tuk-tuk! Crazy!

The two babies about to sleep 🙂

(protected from mosquito)