The circle turns…?

And all ends where started…Petronas Tower!

Aren’t they hypnotizers? They are amazing!



– The sunset from the KLCC Park to see the colors between the towers, and during night from the main entrance to enjoy the full view of the towers and the bright of the lights, the two best spots.

– To get into the tower you should book your tickets in advance as is usually busy. You may do it by official website or at the official counter.

– To really enjoy the view of Petronas Towers in the landscape of Kuala Lumpur don’t get into the towers, find another place with a view.

– There are some guys around trying to sell special lens which allow your phone to get more angle. Deal with them in case you are interested. I got one, and it is worth it to get the full picture.


– Petronas Towers were the tallest building in world from 1998 to 2004, until Taipei 101.

– It remains the tallest twin towers in world with 88 stories and 452 meters.

– The whole complex was built on a former horse racing track.

– Each tower was constructed by different joint ventures, one from Japan and another one from Korea.

– Skybridge was designed as fire escape, allowing to move to the other tower in case of fire.

– 32.000 windows, 2 months to be cleaned all.

– Occupants in building are: Oil National Company, Accenture, Al-Jazeera, Bloomberg, Boeing, IBM, Microsoft, Reuters…



We dedicated the day to do some shopping and spectacular pictures with the Petronas Tower.


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