We have changed the hostel in Langkawi to try new experiences and be in another area, as this one is more near to the main area.

«Accomodation» in Sweet Monkey Backpacker Hostel (Langkawi) for a total price of 351MYR (around 69 euros) for 3 nights and 3 people. (which means around 7.6 euros per person per night)

We have a 6 people share room.

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Deposit for the keys.

Advices to party.


Visiting Pulau Dayang Bunting for the lake, Pulau Singa Besar for the eagle feeding and Pulau Beras Basah for the beach.

  • Pulau Dayang Bunting:

- 20 minutes to get here by boat from south Langkawi

- This island has shape of pregnant lady, that's why the name of the Lake of Pregnant Woman, fresh water lake in the middle is the island, surrounded by mountains full of trees.

- There is an entrance feeof 6MYR to get into the protected area.

- Total time 1 hour.

The fee entrance.

The fresh water lake.

  • Pulau Singa Besar:

- Make sure your boat driver has food for the eagles to enjoy the Eagle Feeding.

- You stay seated at the boat while watching it.

- During morning is better, sometimes around 300 eagles.

- Total time 15 minutes.

Do you see an eagle in the left corner?

  • Pulau Beras Badah:

- White sand and blue light water, perfect for beach time and have a swim.

- Also possible do snorkel and activities as parasailing, jet ski, banana boat, etc.

- Total time 1 hour.

Very nice beach.

- You may book the Island Hopping directly at your accommodation or around Pantai Cenang, also possible to book it in the previous day or same day.

- Bring cash, sandals, towel, sun protection and swim wear.


- Normally starts at 9am and 2pm.

- Price is around 30MYR per person.

- Duration of 4 hours.

- Pulau Dayang Bunting has extra fee entrance of 6MYR adults and 3MYR children (7-12 years).

- 1MYR = 0.2€

9.00pm - Dinner at Yellow Beach Cafe

The food.

The place.


The ticket.

10.00pm - Cocktails at the beach with shisha and fire show

Perfect to have fun and chill out while the fire show!

The drinks.

Shishas also available!

The show with fire! Crazy! They also interact with the public, dont be scare! 😉


Actually, there is not so much party places in the island, so the most recomended is Sumba.

The location.