12.00pm – Mosquito Pier

The Mosquito Pier, also known as Rompeolas, is a perfect place to enjoy snorkel and see starfishes, turtles and much more.


1.00pm – Playa Negra

Black beach not easy to find, you have to pay attention while going on the road. Ask some locals in cae you don’t find it. After parking car you have to walk around 10 minutes across the nature. The walk is worth it, a long beach with black sea and wild horses running around!


2.30pm – Playa Caracas

This is the paradise! Here you will find the typical paradise beach, white sand, turquoise water and palms! It is located into a natural area, the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, and very worth it to have a swim here.

Yes ! I am there. Pure white sand. Fresh water blue. Big wide huge smile

Caracas Beach, one of best in all Puerto Rico with white sand in the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge


5.00pm – Flight from Vieques to Ceiba

The flight back, more amazing views from the sky! Just worth it only for the views.

The Intergalactic Team ! Who wanna walk or drive if you can fly ???

Feeling bird. Feeling pilot. Feeling freedom. Feeling the feelings.

We are about to land with our lovely little plane. The best moment, when the pilot take his arm out the window


5.30pm – From Ceiba to San Juan

When getting back to the land of Puerto Rico we went to San Juan.