This day we wanted to enjoy a normal day in Cairo so we walked around, have fun and something very important…shopping!


11.00am – Dahab Hostel

«Accomodation» in Dahab Hostel for a total price of 48 euros for 2 nights and 2 people. (which means around 12 euros per person per night)

We managed the booking by Hostelworld – 

We enjoyed so much our staying at Dahab Hostel, as it is a little paradise in the middle of Cairo with a rooftop terrace which make you feel away of the traffic noise and hustle and bustle.

The room.

Days before we met with the manager of the hostel and we were talking about many things, very nice guy!

The hostel area.

The beautiful and meaningful stairs.

The nice guys from the front desk!

Areas to chill out!

Amazing views!

Common areas to meet great people.

The common restrooms. (some rooms have private ones)

The common kitchen.

And…as the manager said…here we have the real boss of the place…


Definitely, such a wonderful place!

The location.


11.00am – Cairo streets

Such a sunny day to enjoy one of most relevant cities of the history…Cairo!


As you may see, everywhere there is a lot of security.

Yes, you know… I like to drive things! 🙂


12.00pm – Al-Hussein Mosque

One of the main mosques of the city, located next to the Khan Al-Khalili market.

We went walking so we were able to see some different spots and daily life.


12.30pm – Khan Al-Khalili local market

– Deal and bargain to get best prices. By comparing some stores you may have an idea of the highest/start price. Then try to get the third part of price from the average started price.
– Some stores has fixed prices which also helps to have a real idea of the real prices.

– Khan el-Khalili is a huge souk in the historic center of Islamic district of Cairo.
– It is said to be the oldest open air market in Middle East.
– You may find clothes, spices, jewelry, perfumes, souvenirs and more.
– It is located next to Al-Hussein Mosque.
– The famous “Fishawy Cafe” is here with the mirrors in the entrance.
– “Shukram” means “Thank you”

When you are in Khan Al-Khalili I have to say that the best shop is…Jordi! 🙂

We have to say that Jordi has the best spot in all the bazar!

We got many items and souvenirs in his shop! (many, many!)

Good fixed prices and very kind offering tea or a drink. 

Yes, all them are already in my room 😉

Also we had the pleasure to lunch with Jordi one day and he speaks Spanish and is a very cool guy with many life stories. Visit Jordi!

Some fun with the market guys!

And…this below is the last picture of the trip.

Difficult to explain with words all that we see and feel during our trip in Egypt.

I just have to say 2 things…

See you soon & To be continued 🙂