Flight from Cairo to Aswan (only one way). We got the tickets with Egyptair (around two months in advance) for 81 euros per person.

And we got the flight of return from Luxor to Cairo (only one way), as we are doing a cruise through the Nile River from Aswan to Luxor. For the flight with from Luxor to Cairo (only one way), we got the tickets with Egyptair (around two months in advance) for 76 euros per person.


«Accomodation» in Philae Hotel Aswan for a total price of 82 euros for 1 night and 3 people. (which means around 27 euros per person per night) View of the Nile River from the window!


9.00am – Wake up

Early to wake up to get an Uber and go to the airport.


12.00 – Flight from Cairo to Aswan

Something curious, the buses inside the airport are very similar to the ones of the street.


1.30pm – Arrival to Aswan

We land in the little airport of Aswan and we havent managed transportation in advance, we get out and some taxi drivers started like fighting to bring us from the airport to Aswan. We choose the one who was the most calm and then we pay 100EGP for the taxi ride from airport to our hotel located in the heart of Aswan.


1.45pm – Taxi from Aswan airport to Aswan

Our calm driver got the reward of having fun with us!

Window view.


2.30pm – Check in at Philae Hotel

The front desk.

Our room.

View from our room.


3.30pm – Lunch in El Dokka

We got a little boat which is for freen as it is part of the restaurant service to get El Dokka, such a nice way to go lunch!

The food.

The place.

Window view.





10.00pm – Walking around and Vodafone

In Vodafone we got a sim card to have more internet and 10 gigas was 377EGP. (around 19 euros)


10.30pm – Dinner in El Masky

Adviced from our hotel front desk guy, we came to El Masky restaurant and everything was really good!

The food.


11.30pm – Local street market at night

Souvenir shop. And every time I am in this kind of places is the same feeling….I want everything for my room!