The Death Valley is one of the most unusual and craziest places of the world, where the temperatures are breaking records and where the landscapes will break your mind as they look like coming out from another planet.



This is my suggested route by car in Death Valley, for one day trip from Las Vegas:🚘

  • Badwater Basin
  • Devils Golf Course
  • Artists Palette
  • Furnace Creek
  • Zabriskie Point
  • Dante´s View


Badwater Basin

Walking by Salt in Death Valley🧂⛔️ The lowest point in North America with 86 meters below sea level its covered by a huge white tongue, created by the leftover salt from the evaporated water🌦 Right here, there is a sign which literally says: “Stop! Extreme Heat Danger”, because of the crazy temperatures. On that day we got a maximum of 50°C, and the highest temperature ever recorded in Death Valley was around 56°C🧨


Devils Golf Course

If you are wondering why this place is called like this, the solution is very simple. This is such an extreme place that even the devil like to come to play golf in the wholes of the ground. Believe it or not? 


Artists Palette

Nature is the best artist in world🌈 That’s the reason why this is called Artists Palette, this place is caused by the oxidation of the metals, creating a colorful piece of art🎨 Death Valley is continuously surprising for the wide array of natural magic and formations. Generally when thinking about deserts, we think about sand and nothing else, but there are many interesting deserts around world full of surprises⏳


Furnace Creek

This is a good place to make a stop and to fresh up, there are facilities as restrooms, some picnic tables to have lunch and also a shop with many kind of items and souvenirs, as well as this thermometer, which will make you realize why this place is called «Death Valley».


Zabriskie Point

This panoramic view will make you feel that you just landed in another planet, somewhere on the Milky Way or maybe further away. As an advice, you can bring an umbrella for your trip around the Death Valley, not because of the rain, but yes because of the hard sun🔥


Dante´s View

Feelings from Dante’s View 👹 If hell would be on earth, it will probably look like something like this. This area has a very specific nature and extreme heat, which make the visit a real adventure🔥 Behind me you can see Badwater Basin, with this white salt style. Located at 1669 meters height Dante’s View offers a panoramic view of this area in Death Valley. Just 45 minutes away from Furnace Creek is a must stop where you can see the Owlshead Mountains to the south, the Funeral Mountains to the north, the Panamint Range to the west and Greenwater Range to the east.

Make your way 👣 By choosing your choices and overcoming your challenges. Great to surround you by the best lovely possible people, but most of time, everything is about you and yourself🧞‍♂️ While visiting the Death Valley, you will find this infinite roads with a never end horizon🌅


Death Valley Tour

Salt flats, mountains and arid dunes: discover one of the most impressive desert landscapes in the United States on this tour to Death Valley National Park from Las Vegas.