While driving we found some Malaysian cows and suddenly we started to imitate their sound by the FlyWithFlow name. Then, we extend this to more animals in the next days. The result? Check below!

FlyWithFlow CHALLENGE !! ?
The FlyWithFlow Animals !!

We already got:
The cow ?
The turkey ?
The cat ?
The chicken ?
The eagle ?

How would you say/do with more?
Get more FWF animals! And send us the video!
We want the FlyWithFlow Zoo!
And you can be part of it!
With love,❤️



  1. Pantai Cenang Street
  2. Kuah & the Big Eagle
  3. Durian Perangin Waterfall
  4. Tanjung Rhu Beach
  5. Dinner at Telaga Seafood

Total time of driving: around 2 hours


2.30pm – Lunch in Little Mexican

Before the route we had lunch to get some energy! The place.

The location.


Pantai Cenang Street

– Rent a car around the Pantai Cenang Street for 24hours for 80MYR (16€).

– Yes! 4 people 24h car, only 4€ per person!

– Google maps allows to download an area by wifi and then is available without internet so you may guide yourself by the location.

– Get cold drinks and snacks for the journey. Also bring cash, sandals, towel, sun protection and swim wear.

– Explore some interesting spots of the island by driving a car.

– Fresh juices are awesome and best way to fresh up and get vitamins.

– Try to visit the waterfall during weekdays as weekends will likely be more people.


Kuah & the Big Eagle

6 Malays, 3 Spanish & 1 Eagle. The 12 meters Eagle…

One of most recognizable monuments of Langkawi. Why eagle?

By mixing two Malay words as «Helang»(eagle) and «Kawi»(reddish brown) you get Langkawi. It is usual to see eagles flying around the ski of the island.


Durian Perangin Waterfall

Flow the Life ! Let it happen…Dive the moments…Sail the feelings…WaterFlow!

– The Durian Perangin Waterfall is located in north east Langkawi, next to the highest mountain of the island Gunung Raya.

– When you arrive there is a car park and some shops, then you need to climb some stairs up during around 15 minutes through a wonderful natural environment.

– The name is because this area is full of the trees with the Durian fruit.


Tanjung Rhu Beach

Looking towards Greatness

Love to take great pictures of best friends as they are the best, and they deserve the greatest!

– Following our hearts, we have founded by chance this spectacular place, Tanjung Rhu Beach!

– Located in north east langkawi, it is free of crowd and perfect for sunsets with the reflect of light on water and islands shape ahead.

– By the way, we had here the best orange juice of the whole trip, maybe cause we enjoyed it into the water while the sunset…


Dinner at Telaga Seafood

The place.