10.30am – Renting a car

The public transportation in Puerto Rico isn’t a good way to visit the island, so we rent a car in Enterprise. The total price for 1 day was 61 dollars, including insurances. (we just get the car for one day due to the fight to Miami on the next day, if you rent the car more days the total cost will be less per day, as the insurance will be split up)

This is our first car in Puerto Rico, from a total of 4 cars throughout the whole trip.

«Advice» Every time we rent a car we get the relevant and basic insurances because any little damage to the car without the insurance may be a final big cost. We recommend to always include the insurance. We got the car by a company called Enterprise, located in 999 Ashford Avenue in San Juan. The attention and service was great


11.30am – Luquillo Beach

We rent the car and head off to Luquillo Beach to have a swim before going to El Yunque. There are many popular kiosks where you may find typical food from Puerto Rico. We have lunch here with some alcapurrias and small pasty for around 12 dollars for 2 people.

«Advice» After having a swim in Luquillo Beach we found a big group of big motos in the area of the kiosks, which are called here «chinchorros». This is a great place to try some local food as alcapurrias or pastelitos



1.30pm – El Yunque National Forest

This is the unique tropical rain forest in all United States. The entrance is free and you can drive all round this national forest, there are also some bars and restaurants. The most advisable places to visit are.

  1. La Coca Falls
  2. Yokahu Observation Tower
  3. La Mina Falls

The unique tropical rain forest in the United States, El Yunque !! People is having fun with us because of the flag, and asking to take pictures with the flag and with us.


La Coca Falls


Yokahu Observation Tower


La Mina Falls

«Advice» Bring comfortable shoes as well as some drinks and snacks to walk around and get the falls. It is better to don’t go on peak season to enjoy the falls all for you.

«Advice» When visiting El Yunque National Forest, don’t miss the chance to get Yokahú Tower, easily accessible with a nearby parking. It’s free entrance and you will enjoy extraordinary panoramic views


6.00pm – Seven Seas Beach

After exploring El Yunque we were looking to see the sunset somewhere cool. After asking some locals we head off to Seven Seas Beach, which is valued as one of best in Puerto Rico.


8.30pm – Dinner at El Verde BBQ

«Advice» This place was recommended by some locals in El Yunque. We would never go to this place by our own, as it is located in the middle of the highway. El Verde BBQ is famous for its meat, especially the piggy (little pig). We have to admit that all the food was yummy! And the price was affordable, around 16 dollars for 2 people. (and we asked for so many food that we eat only the half)