We booked the excursion to the Everglades the previous day at the hostel.

9.00am – On the way to the Everglades

Big bus came to the hostel to pick us up and the ride is around 1 hour. We don’t like so much this kind of “organized” excursions but was the unique way to get the Everglades and see the alligators.

«Advice» Be clever and try to get the first row on the boat to get the best views and the sensation of speed.


10.00am – Everglades National Park

The excursion was a total price of around 50 dollars and includes:

  • Transport from the hostel to Everglades
  • Visit to some locals
  • Alligator show
  • Airboat Tour

Respect. I respect you and you respect me. Let’s be friends !

No way! A wild alligator? Don’t touch?? I want to touch him! And hug him! And kiss him!


Alligator Show


Airboat Tour


3.00pm – Lunch at My Ceviche.

Yes! Once again we have lunch here as it is next to the hostel and it was incredibly yummy! (and good price, always important, especially around Miami Beach)


6.00pm – Kayaking in Miami

Kayaking between Miami Beach and Miami City, in the middle of everything.

After kayaking we meet with a friend and chill out in his apartment.

Sunset in Miami from a balcony friend’s home. Wherever you go, sunsets are there, waiting for you


8.00pm – Dinner at Mike’s At Venetia

This place has excellent views of Miami skyline and varied food. We ordered some ribs, and the ribs were super big! (American style). The total price of ribs + beer was around 20 dollars.