4.45pm – Arrival to the airport Suvarnabhumi of Bangkok. 

The flight was with Turkish Airlines from Madrid to Bangkok with one stop in Istanbul. We got the flight tickets with one month in advance with a price of 560 euros, go and return.

«Advice» I always check flights by skyscanner and afterwards I do get the tickets by the official website of the airline.


5.15pm – From the airport Suvarnabhumi to Khao San Road.

On the way of the van I met two nice guys from Germany and from Chile.

«Advice» The cheapest way to get Khao San Road is by a shared van with a price per person of 100 bahts (around 2.60 euros). The time from airport to Khao San Road is around 45 minutes. 


6.00pm – Arrival to Khao San Road.

«Accommodation» NapPark (3 nights) with a total price of 1.350 bahts (around 36 euros for 3 nights, which is 12 euros per night)

«Advice» Locals will tell you that your place is not safe and will recommend you other places. If you have checked your place by internet ratings and recommendations you don’t have to worry about.


6.00pm to 7.30pm – Walking around and hanging out in Khao San Road.

Discovering this unstoppable and lively street and enjoying  a couple of beers. Three of the typical beers you will find here are Chang , Shinga and Leo.

Recommendations on how to deal and get better prices: Click here

«Advice» Locals will try to sell you many things while you are seating having beer, don’t rush with your shopping, you will find better prices in the shops. Always try to deal the price; I usually manage it for a 1/3 of the first price they said.


07.30pm to 9.00pm – Check in at the hostel Nappark to leave the baggage and have a shower.

I have met some nice people from Mexico and along the guys from Germany and Chile we go to have dinner.


10.00pm – Dinner at Madame Musur.

I have a delicious Pad Thai, one of the best I have tried through my whole trip. To know the prices see the picture.

«Advice» During the trip I have tried to don’t drink water from sink or drinks with ice. Try to don’t get sick in the first days of your journey!


11.30pm – Nightlife in Khao San Road.

This street is amazing! It doesn’t stop! Full of people from every part of the world. All the people happy people! Very good ambience.  The party is in the street with many bars competing with the loudest possible music.  My favorite bar was called Golf Bar Cocktails, with a yellow billboard in the middle of Khao San Road.

«Advice» There are many 7/11 shops along Khao San Road and Bangkok. The party takes place along the ouside street and the 7/11 shops sell beer until 10pm, so you can get here the beer with a better price than the bars.

To know some prices in the 7/11 shops check picture below. (40 bahts is around 1 euro, the coke of 20cl is 10 bahts which is 0.25 euros)