The best way to see the amazing temples of Bangkok is from little temples, to medium, to big ones. This way, we get more impressed while discovering bigger and bigger temples. During this second day we visited some little/medium temples as Loha Prasat Metal Castle, Golden Mount and Wat Suhat. The most important temples in Bangkok are the Grand Palace and What Pho, which are fully dedicated along the third day.



Check the route in Google maps.

  1. The Democracy Monument
  2. Royal Pavilion Mahajetsadabadin
  3. Loha Prasat Metal Castle & Wat Ratcha Natdaram Worawihan
  4. Wat Thepthidaram Worawihan 
  5. Golden Mount
  6. Wat Suthat and The Giant Swing.
  7. Wat Ratchabopit SathitMahasimaram.


1.00pm – The Temple Wat Chanasongkhram Ratchaworamahawihan.

Walking from Khao San Road to the first little temple Wat Chanasongkhram Ratchaworamahawihan. Try to say the name 3 consecutive times to practice your thai skills 😉


1.20pm – Khao San Road during the day.

To see the contrast of the street during the day. During your trip the lovely Thai people will offer you a tuk-tuk around one million times, always with a smile! Indeed, tuk-tuk will be the word you most listen in your entire trip.

«Advice» I always have a little bag with some relevant items for walking the city. Three important things to overcome the day and walk are water, peanuts and candies.


01.30pm – Exploring important places and temples.

  1. The Democracy Monument
  2. Royal Pavilion Mahajetsadabadin
  3. Loha Prasat Metal Castle & Wat Ratcha Natdaram Worawihan
  4. Wat Thepthidaram Worawihan 


The Democracy Monument

It is a monument with four wings of the monument representing the air force, army, navy and police.


Royal Pavilion Mahajetsadabadin.


Loha Prasat Metal Castle & Wat Ratcha Natdaram Worawihan.

With 36 meters high and 37 metal spires, which means 37 virtues toward enlightenment.


Wat Thepthidaram Worawihan .

«Advice» Locals will tell you that some temples are closed when isn’t true. They will suggest you to get a tuk-tuk to another temple (probably they get some commission for this tuk-tuk). Trust yourself and the info previously checked by internet, and mort import, follow your common sense.


02.45pm to 3.45pm –  Visiting the Golden Mount

The Golden Mount

Wat Saket (Golden Mount). The price is 20 bahts per person. (0.5 euros). The best moment to visit is before sunset. You have to climb up 300 steps to get the top and enjoy the wonderful panoramic 360º view of the city with a height of 76.5 meters. It is open from 7.30am to 5.30pm.

«Advice» Atop the Golden Mount you will find a kiosk to buy water, orange juice and ice creams! There is also a souvenir shop.


04.15 to 5.00pm – On the way to discover more temples

Wat Suthat and The Giant Swing.

Wat Suthat is one of the largest and oldest temples in Bangkok, it is famous for its wonderful roofline, a huge statue of a golden Buddha, excellent frescoes and in front of it a giant swing.

«Advice» Go behind the big golden Buddha and check its back, wonderful!


5.20 to 5.40pm – More and more magnificent temples.

Wat Ratchabopit SathitMahasimaram.

It is a little temple not so much important, but walking to here you will pass through some streets where locals are doing daily life.


6.00pm – The park

Rommaninat Park.

The locals come here to do many sports. It is fascinating to see many people doing a wide array of sports. I love to see the daily life wherever I travel.


6.15pm – Sunset

Golden Mount to see the sunset with same ticket.

Here I met two nice guys from Argentina. After sunset we got some beers. Then, we got back to the hostel for shower and dressing.


9.30pm – Dinner at The Macaroni Club.

I ordered some sweet & sour chicken with rice.


10.15pm – Tuk- tuk to Sky Bar / Lebua at State Tower.

«Advice» Some taxis are red green and others are pink and the ride use to be less expensive than a tuk-tuk. When getting a tuk-tuk is always advisable to close a price before the ride. Asking a local about the distance to know the local price could be also worth it. You can deal with the tuk-tuk drivers, so don’t feel afraid to offer the price you think reasonable.


10.30pm – Sky Bar / Lebua at State Tower.

Where was recorded the movie of Hangover 2. The rooftop has diverse areas and bars. The views at night are not awesome but yes the ambience. The best views here are during the day. The place is expensive comparing normal bars. See ticket. One beer was 400 bahts (10 euros).


11.45pm – Back to Khao San Road to enjoy nightlife and meet people.

My favorite place here is Golf Cocktail Bar.

«Advice» Here one personal super trick! When I travel destinations where is very hot, I usually bring a little water diffuser, to spread some water in your face and neck while walking. Just a little bit of sprayed water in your face makes a big difference.