From Bangkok to Siem Reap with the airline Air Asia, with a price of 70 euros per person (go and return) buying the flight tickets with 7 days of advance.

Cambodia requires an online visa which you have to do some weeks in advance. The online visa has a cost of around 36 euros and is very easy to complete it by the official online website. Find below the email received when the online visa is approved.

During the flight you have to also fulfill some documents. (see picture below)

Cambodia has something special with the money. Two currencies at the same time, the local money called “Cambodian Riel” and the American Dollar. Yes! You can either use both currencies, sometime you pay with Riel and they give you back the rest in Dollars (and the other way around).

1 American Dollar = 4.000 Cambodian Riel

The people from Cambodia is very friendly. Try to talk to them and share happiness. Some expressions in Cambodian language:


11.30am – Taxi from Khao San Road to airport Don Mueng.

«Advice» It is important to always concrete the price with the driver. You can ask at the front desk of your accommodation how much is the price of the trip approximately, to have an idea about the cost.


1.00 to 3.00pm – Flight from Bangkok to Siem Reap (Cambodia).

During the flight you have to fulfill some documents. In addition, before the trip you have to do the online visa. Click here.

3.00pm – Arrival to Siem Reap (Cambodia).

We got a tuk-tuk from the Siem Reap airport to our hostel. In the little airport will be some tuk-tuk, and taxi drivers waiting for tourist/passengers. We decide to get a tuk-tuk, our favorite way of transport in Asia.

3.45pm – Our hostel Mad Monkey.

«Accomodation» in Mad Monkey Hostel Siem Reap (3 nights) with a total price of 24 euros (which is 8 euros per night per person).

This hostel has a wonderful swimming pool, good ambiance, a rooftop restaurant with a nice and varied menu, and the same rooftop to organize different parties every night.

We managed the visit to Angkor Temples for the next day directly at the front desk of the hostel.  A tuk-tuk will come to pick us up to the hostel, then bring us to get the tickets for Angkor Temples and then the tuk-tuk will drive you from temple to temple (15 dollars the small route and 20 dollars for the big route).


7.00pm – Going to Pub Street to have dinner.

Pub Street is easy to find, especially because the big billboards announcing the name of the area. Everyone knows it and it is reachable by walking from the hostel.


7.30pm – Dinner at Phsa Chas Restaurant.

The chicken with curry sauce with milk was amazingly yummy!

«Advice» Go where the locals go or where is full of people. We decided this reatsurant for those reasons, we also sometimes check TripAdvisor.


8.30pm – Exploring a supermarket.

Always is interesting to see the different products, colors and distribution.

Wide array of different beers.

Same brands, different marketing.

If you are smoker, you are lucky in Cambodia! (1.5 dollars is around 1.2 euros)


10.00pm- Party at the Mad Monnkey hostel.

Colors Party! After some good music and great people at the rooftop of the hostel, come people went to city center, but we went sleep for a tomorrows big purpose, discover Angkor Temples.