5.00pm –  Shopping.

I have been shopping along Khao San Road and along the streets nearby. Concretely, I bought many things in the street called “Soi Ram Butri”. (see map below for exact street)

After dealing I got some souvenirs and super cool t-shirts.



  1. Never be the first who say a price.
  2. Try to get some items at the same time to make the price lower.
  3. Always try to pay 1/3 of the price they said.
  4. Start saying a lower price than the 1/3 price, so you can finish the deal in the 1/3 price. (sometimes they get but don’t worry, its part of the game).
  5. Don’t say a price that you are not going to pay (once you say a price by your mouth, you cant get back to lower price).
  6. When you get a super good price leave the store and do the same in similar stores, so you can compare what is the most super price you can get.

For example: In a store I get 4 items (2 shirts, 1 magnet and 1 keyring). The guy of the shop say “the total price is 900 bahts”.

Then you smile and say “200 bahts” (our goal is to end in 300bahts). The guy of the shop maybe gets mad because you say a super low price, then you say “I know how this is working”.

The guy of the shop says “ok special price for you my friend 700bahts”. Then you laugh and say “it is so much, oh my god! I have been checking in many shops and I know this is not the real price”.

The guy of the shop says “600bahts”, then you say “250 bahts”. The guy of the shop says: “500 bahts”.

Then you do as you are leaving the shop with a smile. The guy of the shop would tell you “ok my friend, 400 bahts final price”.

And then with a big smile and showing your hand to close the deal you say “ok my friend, 300bahts final price”. Magic! You got it 😉

(by the way not every time this is working like exactly this)


9.00pm – Scorpion

One of best things of travelling is trying different flavours.

Scorpion…YES OR NOT ?



Will I be able to eat the scorpion? Would you be able to do it? Let’s go !!

It feels like crunchy and it tastes like sand and desert 🙂