The route of the day is explained by some Google maps. 


3.30pm – Walking from Khao San Road.

Bangkok is charming, it is one of my favorites cities visited so far.

The local life, flowing while you are there for a while.

I love to walk around random street to see the lifestyle of the people and immerse yourself in the daily life.


3.45pm – Temple of Wat Tri Thotsathep.

I passed through this temple which was more or less on the way. Bangkok is a place where every corner has a motive to love it!


4.00pm – Temple Wat Intharawihan. The Tall Buddha Temple.

Wat Intharawihan was built during the later Ayutthaya period.

The main feature of the temple is a 32 meter high, 10 meter wide standing Buddha known as Luang Pho To or Phrasiariyametri. The topknot of the Buddha image contains a relic of Lord Buddha brought from Sri Lanka and took over 60 years to complete.

This colossal Buddha image is believed to have power of bringing merit. Many Thais as well as tourists visit the temple everyday to seek blessings of the Divinity and to make various offerings at the feet of the statue in order to mark their devotion


5.20pm – Local boat next to Rama VIII Bridge.

Chao Praya is the river of Bangkok. The normal daily ferry is much more cheaper than the tourist ferries. The price was something like 0.2 euros. The journey and views are amazing, and you feel like a local.

Next to the boat stop there is a little shop where I got a drink, which is the inspiration and origin of the Red Bull.

Check the schedules and ask the locals.

The google map below shows the route, where I get the ferry and where I drop off.


5.50pm – Stopped in Central Pier/Sathorn (Taksin)and getting the sky train.

By the local boat I had a wonderful trip by the river and I stopped at “Central Pier/Sathorn (Taksin)”. Here I got the dark green line (called BTS2) of the sky train at the stop called “Saphan Taksin”.

From the sky of Bangkok in the Sky Train you may see how the city flows and its many contrasts.

And I stopped in the “Siam” stop. See map below.


6.20pm – Jim Thompson House.

From the sky train stop of “Siam” I walked to the Jim Thompson House.

When I arrived it was closed but I could enjoy the gardens and some areas still open.

«Advice» Before visiting any place always check the schedule times to plan your route the best possible way.


7.30pm – Thai massage.

After a long walking day and a long total trip, what’s better than a feet massage?

Check prices in picture below.


9.00pm – Dinner and back home on the next morning (the 10th day). 

Travel is possibly one of best pleasures in life. It was my first trip in Asia, Thailand & Cambodia are two amazing countries. I met many great people during the journey, wish you all the best on your way! All ends where started, my dear Khao San Road. SeeYou!