To lose yourself is to find your best. Getting where (almost) nobody arrives is always the greater reward. 80km motorcycle on the roads of Mai Châu, with horizon of large hills. I passed towns of local people where smile was their welcome. I met families of ethnic groups (Hmong). I found this place in lost corner of the map, where scream…I got it, here I am!🚀

Mai Châu is a valley of imposing cliffs, with amazing landscapes full of rice fields, countless hills and bamboo villages. It is located at 3.30h by bus from Hanoi, if you take the local buses, which depart frequently, it will be just 4h and the price only 100,000D (3.8€)👌🏼

This image does not show a destination, this image shows a feeling. My happiness at its best, for desiring to live life as I wish. For fulfilling my dreams and smiling every day with fullness. For the risk of my great achievements, in order to achieve greater objectives. For the new feelings that make me a better person. For the freedom to experience each moment as unique, and release myself from sensations that we consider normal, routine, stress, obligations… For the full control of my time and will, for the first time in my life.

This smile shows my happiness.
The happiness of living my life as I wish and be happy.

I send you all my flow, to encourage you to pursue your dreams and live your life. There is only one life and it happens fast. Do with your precious time what you most want.