My first post, I write it from a very small island in the Philippines, called Malapascua. I was traveling through Southeast Asia and now I have been living on this island for almost 6 months, the reason you can already imagine, this world situation, this pandemic.



Starting from the beginning of this story and summarizing the events. More than 9 months ago, I made the decision to quit my job and totally change my happy life in Madrid. On November 10, 2019 this trip began indefinitely, where I am traveling alone and solely with a one-way ticket. Since then I have been living a new stage of my life, a complete change in my day, a totally different life full of new challenges and hopes. To achieve great things you have to make great changes.

10,000 kilometers and thousands of other things, is what separates me from my usual life in Madrid. Honestly, it was not easy to make this huge and momentous change, but life goes by so fast that if you don’t take control of your actions, you can never achieve your dreams and goals.



I had never felt this feeling of having full control over my life, without social limitations and without cultural obligations. Before it was part of a uniform mass, educated to follow rules, a herd that follows established guidelines. And now it is me, finally, who decides everything, at all times. A bird that flies free where it wants most.

I know that this experience will remain in my memory and will be part of me for the rest of my life. And forever I will remember, how I spread my wings, and flew high, very high.



We each have our different aspirations to achieve our own dream in this life.

This one is mine. And you? Have you already started to make changes, to achieve that dream that you have always wanted to fulfill?

During this time I have been able to travel for 1 month in Thailand, 2 months in Vietnam, 1 month in the Philippines, and that’s when everything changed. So I’ve been living in the Philippines for almost 6 months, living on my beautiful paradise island, Malapascua.

I hope that this first post with a more spiritual character will serve as inspiration and motivation, if you have any question you can write to me on instagram @flywithflow or by email