2.00pm –  Arrival to Ben Gurion International Airport of Tel Aviv.

The flight was with Alitalia from Madrid to Tel Aviv with one stop in Rome. We got the tickets with one month in advance with a price of 230 euros, go and return.

«Advice» I always check flights by skyscanner and afterwards I do get the tickets by the official website of the airline.

We arrived and passed through the border control security. Check the requirements of visa and entrance depending of your origin country. Spaniards don’t need to do any visa previous the arrival to Israel. Once everything is fine in the border control security, they will give you the “B2 Stay Permit”, as shows the picture below.

To have some money, we have got some shekels at the airport, just enough for the taxi and first issues. During the trip we directly do withdraws from cash machines.


2.40pm – Taxi from Ben Gurion International Airport to our accommodation.

Price from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv City = 140 shekels, which is around 35 euros (1 shekel is around 0.25 euros)

«Advice» To get an estimation of the taxi fares you can see in Google maps the price with “Gett”, a taxi service company, so you may get an idea of the total price.


3.00pm – Check in at Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv.

 «Accomodation»  in Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv (1 night) with a total price of 250 shekels (around 60 euros for 3 people, which is 20 euros per person per night)

«Advice» I do usually book these hostels by the website Hostelworld. This website let me to do a flexible booking paying 1 euro extra, which allows me to make a cancelation some days in advance (depending the accommodation policies) and the deposit already charged (use to be a 10% or 15%) remains in your Hostelworld account, available for the next 6 months.

The Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv looks like this, wonderful! And by chance, there was some flags from Spain! As there was a Spanish party recently.


3.30pm – Walking from the hostel to the beach Tel Aviv.

On the way we started exploring this city and see little streets and big avenues. Walking is always a great choice to discover a city!

«Advice» When you are traveling and you don’t have internet, Google maps allows you to see your location. It is not possible to find routes but yes to see where you are. This will help you to walk around the cities.


4.30pm – The Old City of Jaffa in Tel Aviv.

The Old City of Jaffa is part of Tel Aviv and is the oldest part of the city.

It is interesting to walk around and enjoy the history and architecture.

Lose yourself into the alleys with walls of stone and find little shops along the way.


5.30pm – Dinner at Shawarma Abulafia.

There are many places to eat kebab. I think the price for a kebab+coke was around 7/10 euros.


7.00pm– Back to the hostel to manage issues for the trip.

The next day we were planning to get Jordan. We got the bus tickets with one day in advance, from Tel Aviv to the city of Eilat (located in south Israel) with the help of the “travel desk” of the hostel. The price was 70 shekels per person, one way. (around 17 euros)

The official bus website is uniquely in Jewish so I guess you will need help. (There are more ways to get the tickets) –


8.30pm – Pub Crawl in Tel Aviv organized by the hostel

As we didn’t know the city, sometimes is a great idea to do a pub crawl. There is a guide person who brings you to different bars/clubs where you have a beer/drink/shot.

The price of the pub crawl was 80 shekel per person (around 20 euros). Below are the places we went with the pub crawl.

  • Sputnik
  • Jimmy Who
  • Radio EPGB
  • Breakfast Club

Some other nice bars: Lima Lima. Kuli Alma.