Peru is one of the most magic places I have ever been to. Wonderful to learn everything about the Inca Empire and get impressed by the unique nature. The gastronomy is definitely delicious and the people very kind. This is a great route to explore Peru in around 15 days.



  1. Arrival to Lima
  2. Exploring Lima
  3. Swim with Sealions
  4. Flight from Lima to Cusco
  5. Cusco City Tour
  6. Bus and Train to Machu Picchu
  7. Machu Picchu
  8. The Sacred Valley
  9. Moray and Maras
  10. Cusco Shopping
  11. Rainbow Mountain
  12. Flight from Cusco to Lima and bus to Ica
  13. The Oasis of Huacachina
  14. Bus from Ica to Lima
  15. Shopping in Lima


Click here to get my recommendation for the best tours that you can enjoy all around Peru


  • First contact with the city
  • Check in at Pariwana Hostel in Miraflores and dinner

Lima, the Capital of Perú 🇵🇪 More than 10 million people living in this lively city, founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro because it’s proximity to the sea and valley. Behind me, the Government Palace which is the official residence of the President of Peru.



  • Free Walking Tour of Lima
  • Walking around City Center
  • Lunch in El Pacifico
  • Crossing the bridge to Rimac
  • Dinner

ArchiLover Feeling ⚒ Everywhere I go, the feeling is special with the architecture, which is the human expression of visual art, in shapes and styles speaking to you. This is the Archbishop’s Palace, located in the main square of Lima, which is called Plaza de Armas.

Discovering Lima, the Capital of Peru – Video

This is Lima, the Capital of Perú 🇵🇪 A bit of everything about the city as the main square, the food with empanadas and churros, the drinks with Inca Kola and Chicha, the streets and the feelings. Safety is a big concern when traveling to South America, but everything was great with militars in the relevant spots✨



  • Transportation from hostel to Punta in el Callao
  • Activity of swimming with sea lions
  • Discovering Barranco area
  • Dinner in Alfresco

Swimming with Wild Sealions!🦈 One of best experiences in life💙 The natural habitat of more than 500 sealions is the island behind me. 

Unique amazing moments to swim with free sealions in a natural environment. The sealions are located in Palomino Islands, next to the city of Lima. You just need to book the tour and get a little boat in the area of Punta, in Callao. The activity is around 4 hours and it costs around 40€.

Swim with Sea Lions in Lima – Video

Unique feeling to be surrounded by more than 50 sealions! And around 500 more were standing in the island! They are free swimming with you, as well as screaming and jumping next to us. If you show them your hands or feet, they like to play by softly biting your fingers. 



  • Flight with Avianca from Lima to Cusco
  • Taxi from airport to hostel
  • Check in at Milhouse Hostel
  • Walking around city center of Cusco
  • Dinner in Nuna

All my Love & Devotion for Cusco🧡 The Ancient Capital of Inca Empire. Feelings for this city? Very deep. It’s continuous 3.400m breathe…with it’s unique essence, culture and history. And, all that is surrounding. Admirable. After breathing it, I have to say that Cusco is now one of my favorites cities in world!🙃🚀



  • Cusco City Tour
  • Local market of clothes
  • Dinner in Chakruna

Flowinca & Pachacutec ⚔️ Together in Cusco, the Ancient Inca Empire Capital🧡 Pachacutec, Inca Emperor in 15th century, was the ninth Inca of the Cusco Kingdom. He created the Inca Empire with the expansion of nearly the whole western South America, by initiating a system of roads and organizing a government, as well as building many relevant archeological sites as Machu Picchu.

FeeL the FL◉W • 🌬🚀 And jump as high as you can. Cusco Cathedral, with gothic-renaissance style, was completed in 1654 and designated Unesco World Heritage Site in 1983. Inside it, you can find a wide array of relics and archeological artifacts, as well as colonial art.

Sit down and taste the moment💫 Everywhere I travel in the world, I like to close my eyes, breathe deep, and try to get all the possible feelings. Plaza de Armas is the main square of Cusco and a sacred place where the Incas designated the heart of the Inca Empire and the place of worship for the most sacred god the sun, called Inti.

Cusco, the Inca Empire Capital – Video

The Inca Empire Capital ⭐️ Just one minute “Flow Tour” by this special city with millions of magic minutes along its history. This place really has a special feeling which only by yourself you’ll be able to discover, making you fall in love with its unique essence, culture and history♥️



  • Bus from Cusco to Ollantaytambo
  • Train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes
  • Arrival to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Village)
  • Check in at Don Andre


The Wonder Train 🚂💫 The unique train which makes me feel like flying…on the way to Machu Picchu💚 The train ride from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Village) is around 1h40min. Amazingly fascinated, I’ve been the full time charmed, looking by the window during the entire journey, admiring the spectacular nature scenery, going between mountains by next to the river and crossing the valley.

Walk away from the limits 👣🚇 Yes, the 224 Train is coming directly to me. Don’t worry, I am fine. Actually, there is a risk in everything you do in life, but also a pleasure. Indeed, there are many things you shouldn’t do in life, as well as there are many things you should do in life, but you will never do. This place is the arrival to Aguas Calientes, the village next to Machu Picchu. For discovering the train feelings from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes, crossing the Sacred Valley, check my last video on my feed.

Inca Rail – Best Train of Life – Video

Crossing the Sacred Valley of the Incas by this amazing colorful landscape, just the perfect feeling before discovering the wonder, Machu Picchu.

Building Machu Picchu Village – Video

Building Machu Picchu Village⚒🧱 Walking around we find these workers and ask them for the hammer to help. They give me a yes and also a helmet. Then the laughs started! This is my favorite kind of content, which is unexpected and I feel it has a different and unique flow.🚀

Always share your help. Do it in the best way you know. My way is sharing the flow, the best I know, in my unique way. Everyone has unique skills, share them with the world!🌍 Be part of the story, share your flow, change the moment and improve it.💫 If you go to Machu Picchu Village (Aguas Calientes) remember something, that stone was built and set, with so much flow.🙃🚀



  • Bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu
  • Arrival to entrance of Machu Picchu
  • Discovering Machu Picchu

Dream Come True! Machu Picchu💚 I was dreaming since many years ago to visit Machu Picchu, and all I could say is: I’M SO HAPPY!🙃🚀

Every door opens a new world 🗝🌎 You are the only one who has the key to open the next door, to challenge yourself and find a new world of possibilities. Everything is possible since the moment your start to try it.

The Sacred Alpaca🦙 Under the sky and sun of Machu Picchu🌞💚

Stairway to Heaven 🌤💫 I would be infinite time at Machu Picchu, trying the get the biggest feeling by my five senses…And, all what I know, it’s that I want to know more and more.

Inside the Walls of Machu Picchu🌿👣 Walking between the walls and feeling the magic of every stone of this mystical wonder, full of mystery and secrets. Admiring the Inca civilization in all the ways of social and culture, behind me there are some platform terraces dedicated to agriculture.

Better than TV🌀 I could be sitting here all day, thinking and meditating. Wish I could just have a look trough a small hole to the past, and see how was everything 600 years ago.

My Dream: Big garden full of Alpacas🦙🌴 Alpacas are the first thing that I think when I wake up…and the last thing when I go to sleep. My desired dream & future: To have a big garden at home, full of many Alpacas, and be happy forever🦙😊

Alpacas is a South American camelid, similar to the “llama” but not the same. They are living at an altitude between 3.500m and 5.000m above sea level, in the Andes Mountains (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile). Alpaca fiber is used for a wide variety of clothes. Sometimes they spit when they are in stress or scare, but most of the time they are adorable.

The Magic of Machu Picchu – Video

The Magic of Machu Picchu 👣💫 Passing through the door of time, to admire the main creation of the Inca Empire. Closing eyes to imagine, and travel to the past. Now you are part of me and I am part of you. Feelings, everywhere.♥️



  • Activity of visiting the Sacred Valley.
  • Pisac, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero.
  • Moray and Maras on next day.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas – Video

The Sacred Valley of the Incas 🇵🇪💫 Pisac, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Moray and Maras. The Sacred Valley is located along the Vilcanota river and next to the Andes. Here, the Incas settle down because of the special geography and climate, which allows the production of varied species and plants.

The most relevant places of the Sacred Valley, and each of them for relevant reasons.
🌽 Pisac: More than 700 agriculture terraces.
🏎 Urubamba: Tuk tuks everywhere and big local market.
🏰 Ollantaytambo: Important city for Inca Emperors.
🧮 Chinchero: Inca temple under church and local market.
🌱 Moray: Circular terraces creating micro climates.
🧂 Maras: More than 400 salt ponds, crystallizing and evaporating.

By visiting all these places by tour and guide, you will be able to get many interesting information and details. Normally you can do one day tour from a Cusco to Pisac, Urubamba, Chinchero and Ollantaytambo. And one half day tour for Moray and Maras.



When agriculture becomes art 🎨 More than 500 rows of terraces designing the panorama in Pisac, relevant spot in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Mostly everywhere you will find remains of the developed agriculture skills of the Incas, symbolized with these terraces which are still in use today, connected by water supply by channels. Pisac is located in the Urubamba Valley, at 3.300 meter high and 33km away from Cusco. Here you can also find the archeological remains of a complex of buildings, temples, aqueducts, cemeteries and more, from 10th to 12th century.



We made a stop in Urubamba where it was fascinating to explore the local market and learn about the different local products. The visit was very entertaining because they let me drive a tuk tuk.


Driving a Tuk Tuk – Video

Driving Tuk Tuk in Peru !! 🏎🚀 I was already a “Tuk Tuk Driver” in Cambodia, Malaysia, Egypt and Peru. It’s one of my favorites challenges, and definitely my favorite way of transportation. Tuk tuks are always very cool and have very different styles depending the culture and country.



Spiritual steps in the Sacred Valley👣✨ While discovering this valley you realize why the Incas decided to settle here, it is definitely a very mystical and special place. I can’t explain the feelings, just come here and feel it. After visiting Pisac and Urubamba, we just arrived to Ollantaytambo, which is located in the Urubamba Valley, at 2.800 meters high and 72km away from Cusco.

I take my hat off to you, magic Incas✨🎩 More 700 meters of 15th century agricultural terraces, once again the Incas surprising. By this way, they were able to farm on otherwise unusable terrain, taking advantage of the different ecological zones created by variations in altitude. These terraces are 60 meters wide and around 3 meters high, protected from the wind by lateral walls which also absorb solar radiation during the day and release it during the night. This conditions create a micro climate zone with warmer variations of 2ºC to 3°C, allowing the Incas to have more possibilities to make grow varied species.🌱🌿🎋

Looking from above and to the past🔸 Around the 15th century, the Emperor Pachacuti conquered the region and built the town as well as the ceremonial center. The battle of Ollantaytambo was in 1537 between the Inca Emperor Manco Inca and Spanish expedition led by Hernando Pizarro. During the Inca Empire, Ollantaytambo was one of most relevant cities of the Sacred Valley.⚔️

Zoom in the picture and:

  • Up in the left you see the face of the main god Viracocha as natural part of the hill.
  • Just a bit on the right some storehouses made by the Incas on the hills, to get protection from enemies and climate conditions as floodings.
  • Down on the left you see the archeological remains and settlement of the ancient village.
  • In front of me the actual village of Ollantaytambo.
  • Under me the agricultural terraces from the Incas.



Big Love for Peruvians💙💜 Locals always mark the main difference of a trip. Everybody we talked and met while visiting Peru was wonderful. Always willing to help and to show the best of their country. After making some videos, we directly became popular in the square, and we take some pictures and videos with the nice people of Chinchero. Behind me you see like some doors carved into a wall, this is part of the archeological remains from an Inca Palace. On the top of these remains, it was built around the year 1607, a colonial church by the Spanish, called Temple of Our Lady of Monserrat. After visiting Pisac, Urubamba and Ollantaytambo, we arrived to Chinchero, which is located at 3.700 meters high and 30km away from Cusco.

Passion for Alpaca Style💚🦙 Loving the style of colors and patterns of the designs in Peru. With my alpaca sweater I am always happy, having the alpaca protection and continuos alpaca hug, everywhere I go. Panoramic view of Chinchero, where you can see some agricultural terraces and still see on the right side, from other angle, the same church than the previous picture, the Temple of Our Lady of Monserrat.

Pure Peru ♥️ Working all day long at 3.500 meters, that woman. Probably, just with the simple goal of surviving. To see a new day, to work one more day, to survive day by day. In the middle of anywhere, where anywhere is everything for her. Probably, you have more chances of surviving tomorrow than her, but surely she is less worried than you about irrelevant problems. Who is happier? We will never know.



  • Activity of visiting Moray and Maras.
  • Lunch in Don Tomas
  • Dinner in Bembos



Agricultural Inca Laboratory 🧪🧬🌿 Circular terraces creating micro climates with 15 degrees of difference, dedicated to agricultural experiments and research purposes.🔬 The archeological complex of Moray shows the special connection between Incas and nature. The terraces are one meter and a half depth, they were used to test crops and experiment with hybridization and modification to find the adaptation to the human consumption.🌱 Moray is located in the Sacred Valley, at around 3.500 meters high and 50km away from Cusco. Moray is usually included into a half day tour along with Maras.



Crystalize & Evaporate💈 This feeling, when you see something you’ve never seen before, the feeling to be alive. More than 500 years, salt crystallizing in this pre-Inca salt ponds, by evaporating salty water from an underground stream.🧂 Maras is located in the Sacred Valley, at around 3.000 meters high and 40km away from Cusco. Maras is usually included into a half day tour along with Moray. TheFlowTip: I recommend you to buy some salt in the shops here as you’ll find many different styles and flavors for a good price.



  • Day to relax and do shopping.

The heart of the Puma 🐆🧡 The city of Cusco was built with the shape of a Puma, a sacred Inca animal, where the heart and the sexual organs, would be represented by Plaza de Armas and Qorikancha. Qorikancha is the most important temple in the Inca Empire, dedicated to Inti, the god of sun. This place was considered the center of the Inca world and contains the Temple of the Sun. On the right side, you can still see some remains from the Inca stones and structure, which were mostly covered by gold, and the other part belongs to the Church of Santo Domingo, which used part of the Inca structure while joining the cathedral with the temple.

Alpaca hair is prodigious because it protects a lot from the cold, it is a natural cycle where the animals grow their hair again. There are many types of jerseys in all kinds of designs and colors, in addition to a wide variety of souvenirs from statues, masks and much more….

Put one Alpaca in your Life 🦙 Did you ever meet an Alpaca? Please try it. That day totally changed my life. Now I have pure admiration and devotion for this animal, always giving me smiles. I can’t stop watching videos of Alpacas, the more I watch the more I want. If you see me like thinking, I am definitely thinking about Alpacas.🦙👌🏼🚀 FlowTip: Behind the Church of the Society of Jesus in Cusco, get Loreto Alley and you will find a little corner where are couple of domesticated llamas and alpacas waiting for you to take selfies!

Yes !! I am also a “Llama Lover” ♥️🦙 This is not an Alpaca, this is a Llama! Isn’t it cute? Also very typical in Peru and very lovely!🙃 Since I met them, big love for Alpacas! But I have to say, that Llamas are also very cool. Both of them are from the camelid family but there are some differences between them.

Alpacas kisses and hugs – Big Love! – Video

5 differences between Alpacas and Llamas:
👂🏼 1. Alpacas have pointed ears, short face and thick air. Llamas have round ears, long face and short hair.
⚖️ 2. Alpacas generally weigh around 70kg and heigh 90cm. Llamas can weigh until 180kg and heigh 115cm.
🎩 3. Alpacas are more shy and gentle. Llamas are more confident and brave.
🧶 4. Alpacas have fine fiber and wool. Llamas are more to pack and meat.
💦 5. Alpacas rarely spit just only as last chance. Llamas tend more to spit when feel threatened.



  • Activity of visiting the Rainbow Mountain and the Red Valley.

Rainbow Mountain

Magic 5.000 meters Rainbow Mountain🌈🏔 One of most spectacular places of my life…and one of the biggest challenges of my life.
I will never forget this day.  Rainbow of feelings, we got it together bro!

Rainbow Mountain is one of most unique places in world. It was discovered 5 years ago due to the snow melting. From million years ago, 14 different minerals are creating these colors, giving us the chance to have the rainbow, on earth.

How to get the Rainbow Mountain?

✖️Wake up around 2.30am.
✖️Bus of 4 hours (with breakfast stop) from Cusco at 3.400m to base camp of Rainbow Mountain at 4.400m.
✖️Around 1.30 hours hard trekking because lack of oxygen to get the magic view of Rainbow Mountain.
✔️Smile and be happy! You got it👌🏼

Advices to visit the Rainbow Mountain:

To have the best experience and avoid altitude sickness:
▪️Stay couple days in Cusco to get used to the altitude.
▪️Rest well the previous night and dinner nutritive by light food.
▪️Drink so much water as it has oxygen, the previous days and during the trekking.
▪️Bring trekking shoes and warm clothes especially for your ears and head, because of wind.
▪️Weather changes quickly so bring rain jacket as well as sun hat, sunglasses and sun cream.
▪️Have some coca in thea, candies or leaves, and bring some sugar, as candies.
▪️To get best price, you can book the activity in Cusco with one day in advance by local operator.
▪️To avoid crowds on top, get a tour departing the earliest possible.

Magic Feelings at Rainbow Mountain😊🌈🚀 Yes! My first time at more than 5.000 meters…and magic flying jump to feel more in heaven. To get this unique place, makes me feel very happy to overcome limits and goals, and to enjoy this surprising colorful magic from Mother Nature.🌎

Magic 5.000 meters Rainbow Mountain – Video

The Rainbow Mountain, with million years creation, was discovered 5 years ago and the colors are because of the minerals:
❤️-Red: iron oxide rust.
💛-Yellow and orange: iron sulfide.
💙-Turquoise: chlorite.
🧡-Brown: goethite or oxidized limonite.

Time Flies and Gravity Floats 🌎🚀 Rainbow Mountain is like travel to another planet. Some months since the trip by Peru, and still in my mind many moments, specially the Rainbow Mountain and its 5.000 meters above sea level, another world. Gravity exists here! These colors and nature make me feel like I got my FlyWithFlow Rocket and I landed in other universe. I threw a rock in the air to see what happens, and look at this, the rock floats!🙃

Red Valley

Red Valley is like Planet Mars ♥️🚀 Got the 5.000 meters of Rainbow Mountain?
Just some more trekking, to find this hidden reddish wonder! Here you will feel like an astronaut who crossed the galaxy and stars, to get the Planet Mars.🛸✨

RedWings to the Sky 🚀 Everything starts to be possible just right in the moment when you imagine it.

This World is from other Planet 🌎⭐️ Sometimes we desire to fly the universe and explore other planets, but we definitely have the best known planet, where there are many unique places to discover. Getting the 5000 meters of Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley was very hard, but also very worth it. Now it’s a forever memory⏳

Red Valley is like Planet Mars – Video

The Red Valley at 5.200 meters high is still not popular and offers amazing landscape by mixing the green nature with the red mountains, due to the amount of minerals 💚❤️

Get the top. Feel wild. And scream! ❄️☃️ This is the views you will find on the way to the Rainbow Mountain, at 5.000 meters high. The panoramic view it also offers more breathtaking landscapes, as the Ausangate Mountain, which has more than 6.300 meters high. Loving to be up here, deeply feeling the sky🌤🚀



  • Bus from Lima to Cusco
  • Taxi from Ica to Huacachina
  • Check in and dinner at Bananas Adventure

Big love for people of Perú 🚨All kind of people we have crossed during the trip was very nice and friendly. Peruvians are always with a big smile and huge heart. Wish I can come back very soon!



  • Exploring around the Oasis and the Dunes
  • Buggy Ride and Sandboard
  • Sunset in the desert
  • Dinner at Bananas Adventure

The Oasis of Huacachina 🧞‍♂️🌴 Magic places are true. Mirages are real. Nature is always surprising with this mystical feelings of huge sand dunes and palm trees, surrounding this blue-green natural lake, the unique Oasis of South America🌀 Located next to the city of Ica and by 4h bus at 250km south from Lima, it’s a must visit to enjoy the unique landscape and have big fun with some dune buggy rides and speedy sandboard⛷🏂

The Oasis of Huacachina – Video

Magic places are true. Mirages are real🧞‍♂️🌴 Nature is always surprising with this mystical feelings of huge sand dunes and palm trees, surrounding this blue-green natural lake, the unique Oasis of South America🌀

Súper Dino Dunes !! ⏳🦕 The unique oasis in South America which is definitely an alternative and fun experience.

You and the World 🌎💙 Two things are totally sure during life. Important reason to love yourself, but also important to have the best people around you, who is making this world better and better. All the best things in life, are better when sharing.🔑💛

The Oasis Paradise 🌴🌞 Huge sand dunes and palm trees are surrounding this amazing blue-green natural lake, such a pleasure to be here.

The deep Passion to keep Discovering👣🌎 The uncontrollable curiosity in every traveler heart, making infinite the passion of discovering. Keep on walking, keep on wondering🚀

Reality vs. Mirage 🧞‍♂️🌴 Mirages are frequently in “Desert Films” and also in “Your Real Life”. When you desire something very strong, that you are actually seeing it. 👀

What is a Mirage?
A mirage is a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays bend to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky.

What’s the difference with hallucination?
In contrast to a “hallucination”, a mirage is a real optical phenomenon that can be captured on camera, since light rays are actually refracted to form the false image at the observer’s location. What the image appears to represent, however, is determined by the interpretive faculties of the human mind.

Charlinca & Flowinca 🦸🏼‍♂️👨🏼‍🚀 Inca Lovers and Peru Lovers.🇵🇪 Memories in pics and vids from this trip are coming to the end. But memories in our minds and hearts will remain forever.


Let´s Buggy the Huacachina Desert – Video

Let’s Buggy the Desert 🚜⏳ Adrenaline and screams are guaranteed!💯
Don’t miss the chance to get a buggy and enjoy the roller coaster feeling of the huge dunes while tasting the desert vibes around Huacachina.🔅 During the buggy ride, there are stops atop some of the dunes, to enjoy the Sandboard!🎥 The Buggy and Sandboard tour was included with our hostel Banana’s Adventure, there are also many companies offering the tours🍌


Sandboard in the Desert of Huacachina – Video

Let’s Surf the Dunes ! 🏂🏄🏻‍♂️🚀
Buggy around the desert, looking for the top of the dunes and go all the way down with the board! Such a perfect combination for a fun day! Would you try it? It’s so cool!🙃 I have to say that some dunes were so big! Be ready to get sand everywhere in your body. Be ready to fall and hurt your body. And be ready to scream!🤪

Fresh Break after Desert Fun 🔷 🦢 Do you like my t-shirt?🙃🚀
After playing with sand and dunes around the Oasis of Huacachina, we have some chill out with a fresh swim and a cold drink.🍹🤽🏼‍♂️ Bananas Adventure is our accommodation, located right in the middle of the Oasis, with a swimming pool, a cocktail bar, a yummy restaurant and good ambience at night.🍌 The room fare includes the breakfast as well as the activities of dune buggy rides and speedy sandboard.⛷🏂

We are Sharing the Same Sun 🌞 All the world, enjoying the same sunset, in a different place and time⏳🌎 Sunsets are one of my passions when I am traveling. Depending the place, we organize the full journey around having the best possible spot to enjoy the sunset. For me, it’s a magic moment, a unique one, which will never come back in the same way✨



  • Bus from Ica to Lima
  • Check in at Pool Paradise
  • Shopping, relax and dinner

Sharing Smiles 😊🦙 Connecting with local people is always best part of the trip. The chance to be giving some smiles…as well as receiving them back. Look at my face! Happiness on me🙃 And…ExtraHappiness! Because I’m hugging…my new definitely favorite cutest softest animal: The Alpaca! 🦙 What you think about the Alpacas!? May I bring one to Madrid? Please! 🙌🏼



  • Shopping in the local markets
  • Flight to Madrid

Big Love For : The Alpaca! 🧡🦙 Because it’s so cute, because it’s so soft and because it’s always smiling! The best attitude in life 🙃



Machu Picchu & Alpacas 🌿✨🦙
Two of my favorite things in the world.🌎
I really recommend you to come here. I would exactly repeat right now the trip through Peru.

This is my TOP 5 experiences that I recommend you as a must:
✨1. Machu Picchu
🦙2. Meet the Alpacas
🦈3. Swim with Sealions
🌈4. Rainbow Mountain
🏝5. Oasis of Huacachina