Hello! My name is Adrián

World Traveller & Professional in Tourism
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Thanks for coming here and wanting to know more about me. My greatest passion is traveling and discovering the world, which I consider the greatest pleasure in life. My experience in travel is wide and deep, due to my special personality of getting involved with people and destinations, but especially for my work during more than 7 years in the tourism sector. Right now I am traveling by myself and without a return flight through Southeast Asia.

My previous job in Madrid was for many years to be Marketing Manager of Tourist Destinations, such as New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Madeira, Serbia and Wales. In addition to doing various projects for other destinations such as Colombia, Costa Rica and South Korea.

These are some of the activities that I carried out for my work:

  • Organization of events to promote networking between companies.
  • Continuous contact with the press and tour operators to improve the vision and position of the destination.
  • Preparation of seminars to show the destination and update news.
  • Attendance at tourism fairs to generate meetings with the press and tour operators.
  • Production of actions and strategies to design annual marketing plans.
  • Planning of press and tour operators trips to visit the destination.
  • And much more.

Everything mentioned above has given me extensive knowledge about the destinations that I have worked with and about tourism in general. In particular, the planning of press trips and tour operators, where my main mission was to know as much as possible about the destination and organize all transport, accommodation, activities and visits.

Therefore, I consider myself a great expert in several destinations:

  • New York: for work, 8 times visited, more than 100 days in destination.
  • Las Vegas: for work, 4 times visited, more than 30 days in destination.
  • Madeira: for work, 4 times visited, more than 30 days at destination.
  • Vietnam: by backpacker trip, 2 months of travel, more than 60 days in destination.
  • Philippines: by backpacker trip, 6 months living, more than 200 days in destination.
  • Amsterdam: I was living in Holland for 6 months.
  • Egypt: only two weeks of travel but I made a movie of the destination, where I learned a lot.
  • Spain: my country and Madrid my city, many years in destination.

So far the highlights but of course there is much more, if you have any questions or I can help you with any trip, do not hesitate to write me an email flywithflow@gmail.com or also a message on instagram at @flywithflow.

Thank you very much for reading me and I send you a big hug wherever you are.

With love,





The Story of my Life


My first trip outside of Spain was when I was about 4 years old to the Azores Islands, where my greatest memory is walking through an active volcano while smoke rose from the ground. After several family vacations around the Spanish geography, my second international destination was Morocco when I was about 10 years old, I was fascinated and surprised wherever I looked.



I was always a good student at school, maybe a bit rebellious because I was very talkative in class, but I got very good grades with little effort, some teachers even considered taking intelligence tests on me. I was playing soccer from 6 to 17 years old, the last 7 years in the Alcorcón team that is now in the second division, where we won many championships and trophies, and where my greatest ability was speed, playing on the far right. During that stage, I also went for about four years in the Boy Scouts, where I experienced my first trips sleeping in shelter tents, having direct contact with nature and learned great social and personal values.


I successfully finished my High School and began a five-year career at the Carlos III University of Getafe, where I have a degree in Business Administration and Management, with an 8 as a final average mark. Going to the university was one of the best decisions, because of everything I learned and because I made great friends.

In the third year of my degree I made my first trip alone, I went to the south of England for three weeks to study English in a beautiful and unforgettable city called Brighton. There I had my first experience in meeting many people from different countries and living in another country. Sometimes we got the train to London, which was the first major capital I visited outside of Spain.

Also in that second year, I traveled for my first time to the United States where I was there during a month, visiting my family who lives in Chicago. In the fourth year of my career I worked during 6 months doing Public Relations in Shoko, one of the best nightclubs in Madrid, where I promoted parties and events, there came a time when my phone was crazy because I was in contact with hundreds of people at the same time.


The last year of my career, something very important happened that has meant one of the biggest changes in my life. I did Erasmus for 6 months in Arnhem, a city located in the east of Holland. Without a doubt, this was one of the best experiences of my life, because I lived independently for the first time, because I significantly improved my level of English, because I met people from all over the world that I now consider as family, and by the greats trips we did. The first one was a week in Belgium discovering Brussels, Ghent and Bruges. The second trip was crazy, the route was Budapest in Hungary, Bratislava in Slovakia, Prague in the Czech Republic and Krakow in Poland. I believe that the duration of the trip was less than two weeks and all the transports were by land with trains, except the flights at the beginning and end of the trip. As you can imagine, thousands of unforgettable stories and anecdotes passed through those trips.

The Erasmus has been one of the experiences that has changed my vision of the world the most and that has broadened my knowledge and goals in life. When I returned from Erasmus I finished my degree and quickly found a job in public relations and marketing, where I carried out a variety of projects for many tourist destinations and had the opportunity to visit some of them such as Wales, Estonia, New York, Serbia, Madeira and Las Vegas . I was in that job for 6 and a half years, until I decided to change my life and start the SuperTrip.

Curious Data

  • Favorite color: The blue and then green.
  • Favorite number: None in particular, it could be the 15 (my birthday is April 15th) and also the 10th because of the theatrical release on October 10th of my first movie Keyternity, and the beginning of my Super Trip on November 10th.
  • Animals: I love animals, my favorites are the alpaca and the penguin. I had a beautiful cat named Michina for 17 years, I have had turtles and parakeets, never a dog but I would love a pug or a shiba inu.
  • Meals: Among my favorite foods I could highlight sushi, pizza, ceviche and of course a good spanish omelette with onion.
  • Drinks: I love trying beers of all kinds, my favorites are the abbey ones, I like gin and tonic but I’m more like rum cola with a lemon wedge.
  • Sports: I have a huge passion for football and I am a big fan of Real Madrid, other teams that I like are Alcorcón and Getafe. I also follow the NFL, my favorite team is the NewYork Giants.
  • Music: The music I like the most is Spanish (old) and American hip hop, along with rnb and reggae, some deephouse, reggeaton to dance and of course always the great classics like Frank Sinatra or Louis Armstrong.
  • Cinema: My favorite directors are Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan, my favorite films are many but I could highlight Reservoir Dogs, Memento, The Departed, Shawshank Redemption, The Number 23, Wild Tales and Apocalypse Now.
  • Literature: What I’ve read the most lately is ancient Greek literature from the pre-Christ period, with authors like Homer and Apollonius of Rhodes, as well as Greek tragedies with authors like Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides.

Recent Publications

Here you can see my last publications



I arrived to Siargao the last month of September 2020 and I am still here now, so if you are planning to come to Siargao and you have any question about your trip, I can try to help you as much as possible, send me a message by instagram @flywithflow.

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The SuperTrip Route

The SuperTrip Route

I want to share with you the route that I have traveled so far during 4 months in Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines, more details in future posts including my best recommendations and feelings. My favorite places from each country is Railay Beach in Thailand, Tam Coc in Vietnam and Bohol Island in Philippines.

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Dream Come True. The SuperTrip!

I had never felt this feeling of having full control over my life, without social limitations and without cultural obligations. Before it was part of a uniform mass, educated to follow rules, a herd that follows established guidelines. And now it is me, finally, who decides everything, at all times. A bird that flies free where it wants most.

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