THE STRIP🌐 Where the world gathers. The Strip is a 6km area where 18 of the 25 world’d biggest hotels are located, most of them are thematic, with aesthetic from Rome, Venice, Paris, Egypt, New York and more.

The fact that’s surprises me: Many of the main huge hotels were built in the last 30 years! So I can’t imagine how this city will be in the next 30 years…

LET THE WORLD DISCOVER YOU⭐️ Get out there and show the world who you are! While discovering the world you will better discover yourself. Who you are and how you are, it’s something in continuous evolution, influenced by your knowledge and experiences.



All the Fantasies, in my MagicCastle 🏰 “Bright light city gonna set my soul…gonna set my soul on fire” ♫ Viva Las Vegas ◈Elvis Presley. Las Vegas is a magic place, which accurately recreates, inside and outside, the feelings from every part of the world by spectacular themed hotels.



NewYork, I feel you everywhere I go 🌀“Love me tender, love me sweet…for my darling I love you and I always will” ♫ Love me tender ◈ Frank Sinatra & Elvis Presley. This hotel is themed and dedicated totally to NewYork. Something special from Las Vegas is the chance to discover the world by these varied thematic hotels as for example the Luxor Hotel dedicated to Egypt, the Caesars Palace dedicated to Roman Empire, the Venetian dedicated to Venice, the Paris Hotel dedicated to Paris, and more!



From N◉W, to the ETERN☥TY ∞ Your energy is infinite…And you are the only one who has it. Under the brightest light beam of the world, offering me reasons to meditate. You can see it from the space, shining above of 400 kilometers away. All the light generates an own ecosystem, by attracting moths, which attracts bats, which attracts owls. The Luxor is a thematic hotel with Pyramid shape and big Sphinx, which makes you feel like in Egypt, in the middle of Las Vegas. “This is who I am…and this is all I know…and I must choose to live…for all that I can give” ♫ Immortality. ◈ Celine Dion & Bee Gees.



BELIEVE IT & MAKE IT ⚜️ Who believed that Venice could be inside a hotel? Who believed that Venice could be in middle of a desert? Just one person able to believe, it’s able to make it real. The Venetian complex is the world’s second largest hotel and it is one of most impressive hotels in Las Vegas, which makes you feel in Venice with the blue sky ceiling, canals and gondolas, frescos, sculptures, architecture, as well as the replicas of landmarks as Rialto Bridge, Palazzo Ducale, Piazza de San Marco, etc.

Walking the World ✨ Hotels in Las Vegas give you the chance of discovering the world, by showing and inspiring tourist destinations, from inside and outside, as Venice, Rome, Egypt, New York and more. Inspired with the design of Venice with architectural replicas of the city, it features 4.000 rooms, 3.000 suites ranging price from 170$ to 10.000$ per night, and 11.000m2 of casino. The Venetian is a luxury hotel resort located in Las Vegas Strip.

Be big Part of the Art 🔱 Because you have your own special art, which is a unique one.

The Game of Colors & Shapes ♦️♠️ Architecture is about imagination, from basic elements create something unique, able to keep your look, upgrade your joy and surprise your mind🤩

You have a dream? Be a dreamer!💠 If you never chase it, it will never happen. Same here, somebody had the dream of having this views in the middle of the desert, and here you go!



“Veni, Vidi, Vici” – Julius Caesar🎖 Which literally means: “I came, I saw, I conquered”. And it’s such a way to face challenges and achieve goals. Caesars Palace, established in 1966, to create an opulent facility where guests have a sense of life during the Roman Empire. With 3.976 rooms is a luxury hotel and casino in Las Vegas Strip. Some epic performances are from Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Cher, Elton John, Julio Iglesias, etc.

Amazed💎 To feel in another place while you are inside a hotel. To feel the Roman Empire all over the place with the ceilings, the floor, the frescos, the statues…I have never been to Rome, not yet. But walking through the Caesars Palace makes you have a delicious taste of this historic civilization.

This city, which makes you feel surprised all the time with this real fantasy world dedicated to make you enjoy, raised from nowhere where now is everything. Just get a walk inside the Caesars Palace, to admire the outstanding sculptures and paintings.



Let’s see beyond 🔮 Beyond chances. Beyond fears. Beyond limits. The Cosmo consists in two towers of 184 meters tall, with a total of 3.000 rooms and 10.000 m2 of casino, as well as restaurants, retail, spa, theater and meeting spaces.

DISCOVER THE WORLD 🌎 Open your heat and your feelings, wherever you going. Traveling is the best way to learn about life. Everyone should be traveling continuously for at least couple of months, to realize about how truly is the world and to surely become a better person. This is the view from the terraces of The Cosmopolitan.



How much you wanna bet?💰 Life is about getting new challenges everyday and definitely “no risk, no gain!” Bellagio is a luxury hotel and casino with it’s iconic big lake with large dancing water fountains synchronized to music. Main tower has 3.015 rooms.



Oh La Lá! La Vie en Bleu 🔷 Blue is my favorite color, because of the color of my eyes, the blue sky to fly, the blue sea to dive, and the blue on my clothes with Flow!🙃 Paris Las Vegas is a hotel and casino with 2916 rooms and features a half scale replica of Eiffel Tower 165 meters high, as well as replicas of Arc de Triomphe and La Fontaine des Mers.



The LUCK MAKER💡 You are the luck. Sometimes luck is not just luck. There is an immense massive variability surrounding you everywhere around you in a unique way.  Each situation creating a next unique situation. And you are the unique person who is surely able to control the majority of your situations. You are the LUCK. “If you got it you don’t need it…if you need it you don’t got it…you don’t get shame on you…funny funny funny what money can do” ♫ The Money Song ◈ Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin.



Read your own Biography 📖 One day, I will write all my adventures around the world as a biography. Just to read them all, to better understand myself, and to realize how lucky I am and who exactly I am. With 3.200 rooms, 24 elevators, and a 12.500 square meters casino, Mandalay Bay is a 43 floors luxury resort on Las Vegas Strip.



MAGIC TALE FOREST🎋 Wherever you walk, colorful or painful, will be part of your tale. Just feel the steps, both of them will be helpful, for your next walk and tale. Pure magic inside the Wynn Hotel, which has more Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Awards than any other independent hotel company in world and features best restaurants, spas, salons, shopping and more.

L◐◐KING for Y◉U ♠️ BeGood. It’s a choice. BePositive. It’s an attitude. Karma is always…looking for you. BeBetter. BeYou! “I see skies of blue and clouds of white…the brightest blessed day….the dark sacred night…and I think to myself…what a wonderful world” ♫ What a Wonderful World ◈ Louis Armstrong.



The best richness is shared ⚜️ What surrounds you is what gives value on what you have. Nothing is great if you can’t share it. The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas (formerly Mandarin Oriental) is a 47 story hotel and condominium building with 392 rooms and suites with 225 condominiums with average listing price of around $2 million.



The Palms is an iconic hotel located out of The Strip, its famous to have some of the most spectacular suites, each of the suites is very unique, with private bowling lanes, with a basket court, with an infinite swimming pool…



The Wheel Spins 🌀 “La Rueda Gira”. Which is an usual feeling in my daily life, values and philosophy. Such strong and deep meaning, explaining how things are happening.



Bowtie Lover 🦋 It’s like the wings, which makes me…FlyWithFlow!🚀 Las Vegas Convention Center is one of the largest in the world with 180.000m2 of exhibit space, it hosts shows with an estimated 200,000 participants. Coming soon will have a $890 million expansion of 46,000m2, to increase the center’s meeting space and improve the building’s overall design.